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Curious about the Self-Consistency Between these Threads

I never got involved in this whole thing but did read that whole exchange between vince and physiologik a couple of years ago. I was always intrigued but never could quite figure the whole thing out (I was on the fence and clearly I am not trying to say I had all the answers because hindsight is 20/20)?

However, was I the only one who found these two thread posts sort of strange (to compare to each other) and contradictory given the time frame between them:


The aromatization rates for this invididual seemed to swing drastically over the course of 1.5 years (with no real change to body composition).

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PhysioLojik was basicly a con artist, not a doc as he proclaimed. I wouldn’t trust anything he said.
Doesnt mean he was wrong all the time, but he is an unreliable narrator.

His patterns of use also swung dramatically, he wasn’t always an advocate for low dosages. He made claims of having not ever used more than X dose of trenbolone at one point, however if you go back through his posts it became apparent he had used more… For years on end might I add.

I called him out on it and he made the made an argument based upon ester discrepancy. It still didn’t add up.

Granted I was fooled/conned