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curious about my reaction to something

Anyways guys I am on a rebound diet right now, I start massing Nov 17th, wooohooo. Anyways My main sources of carbs right now are Oatmeal + veggies. I have a question pertaining to oatmeal. Everytime I eat oatmeal I get really bad gas, no other carb does this to me, only oatmeal. In fact I tried some whole wheat pasta for a bit and I wasn’t getting any gas. Oatmeal gives me really bad gas and i’m getting annoyed with it. Anyone have any clue as to why this is happening? I’m not using processed oatmeal.

I recall reading a couple of articles that covered ecessive gas though eating certain veges & oatmeal that are not cmpletely digested in the small intestine, pass into the colon where bacteria is present resulting in gas. It mentioned the gas could either be a short-term (3-4 weeks) adjustment to diet changes or the small intestine’s inability to complete the absorbtion process of certain foods i.e. similar to lactose intolerant issues resulting from a low lactase enzyme presence in the small intestine. Don’t know if you have a history of excessive gas with oats etc. though could pay consulting someone more qualified in this field for further testing. There are some question’s raised with over the counter products that claim to ‘fix’ this situation. Scope of the web for more info or see what other T-folk have learn from personal experience. I personally find cauliflower ups my natural gas production and thus avoid eating it.

The soluble fibers are passed into the large intestine usually intact, then bacterial enzymes break the fiber down into fatty acids and gas which could be one of the reasons for your excessive gas with oatmeal as it contains mostly soluble fiber. Barley, apples and other citrus fruits can also cause excessive gas via the same process. And the sachryose and raffinose in legumes will also cause the same problems.

Could be a food allergy. Try some enterically coated reputable enzymes. Also, chew it up real good. An interview of Ken Kinaken produced an interesting nugget: even chew a protein shake. The more u chew, the easier it is to digest. I used to wolf my food down, now I chew a ridiculous amount, and digest beautifully.

Ahh thanks guys. Yes I do have an enterically coated digested enzyme but I only use it during my massing period (wobenzym). Ever since i’ve started taking it, i’ve seen better muscle gains. The problem is lessening, so i figured my body is starting to adapt to it.