Curious About My Genetics. Torso Dominant or Limb Dominant?

Been going to the gym since August seriously ,
I’m 5’11 165 rn, started at 197

Looks like you inherited human genetics. You’re in luck! Humans have shown a great capacity for getting bigger and stronger with resistance training and correct nutrition. Your genetics also seemed to have allowed you to reach maturity with all limbs, which is honestly quite the blessing.


What’s the purpose of this lol, go do something, stop trying to be a comedian on fitness forums smh

Purpose was to answer your question. I think you have great genetics for getting big and strong.

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To be fair, there was no actual question until his recent edit.

Also to be fair, since you LOL’d, his being a comedian was appropriate. It would help if you weren’t lazy and actually typed out your question.

You have a relatively big back and shoulders with small arms. That would be a pretty obvious answer to your “torso dominant vs limb dominant” issue. And congrats on the fat loss.

Ah yeah. Makes more sense with the edit now.

what does this even mean?

Your asking if your genetics are more suited for building your torso or arms correct?

This is some really important shit to know. For sure.


You have a torso and all limbs, so I’d say both.

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Nice work so far dude! Train for five more years and you’ll have a better sense of being torso or limb dominant.