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Curious about Long and Short Term Experiences on TRT


I agree. I think the less physical stimulation is needed the higher the libido.


What does this mean? Does this indicate anything?


Hgb is not above range. I think he forgot a digit. His hgb is 14.8 within a range of 13.5 - 15.8. No?


I just changed my protocol and had some crazy anxiety for a couple days, it makes sense now!

When I was low T, one of my biggest problems was the mind penis connection, felt like it wasn’t a part of me. It has improved a a bit, but still hoping for more.

you are lucky that you never had libido problems, that can be a hard one to solve.


I have seen so many guys struggle with this area. It definitely CAN be a hard one to solve for some. I see it a lot, on here and in my everyday life, so I know the problems are there and are very real, but here’s the thing… it’s really not so hard to turn around!

You see, libido is just like every other passion and desire in your life…it’s in the mind. It’s a way of thinking. For some reason I can’t explain, that’s never been an issue for me. Your mind is very powerful, and what I believe is this…what / how you think…so you are. Whatever you make up your mind to do or not do (or think or not to think) creates the reality you live in every day. Most people think their lives are the product of their surrounding circumstances. It’s not and that is the single biggest limiting factor I see around me. People put themselves in a box of self limitation and stay there so long that they forget how to get back out if it. That’s the power of your mind for better AND worse.

If you can imagine it, or in other words, if you can focus your thought process into something and believe it inside of yourself, then there is no stopping you. There is nothing that you can’t do (or in the case of libido, FIX!).

We are only limited by our own inability to believe brother. Now don’t take this to mean that you can alter the laws of physics and nature however. I’m not saying that if you’re deficient in T, that you can “will” your pituitary to stimulate more LH and FSH and magically “think” you’re nuts into producing huge amounts of test. You can’t imagine that you can fly and then magically jump into the air and start flapping your arms and take off.

What I AM saying is that you can proactively change your thought process and adapt it to a solution. If Orville and Wilbur Wright didn’t hold fast to the childish belief that they could fly, then the airplane may not have ever been perfected. If you hadn’t imagined that there was a way to restore yourself to a healthy you, then you would not have found the road to recovery through TRT.

If you want to fix your libido, then spend some time every day thinking about the things that turn you on. Don’t allow yourself to get derailed and force yourself to focus. Basically, meditate on sex. You won’t immediately feel the desire come back, but over time and with practice you can retrain your mind to enjoy the thought and eventually that thought will lead to reaction.

One caveat here is that if you have some extremely negative association going on, like a very bad sexual experience, then you need to focus on disassociating that experience. You need to first realize that the negative thing that’s holding you back doesn’t have to ruin the entire area for you. Bad shit happens. People have died from choking on a grape. Does that mean that grapes are evil? Of course not! Some people have experienced very bad things that involved the act of sex, but just like the grape, sex and sexuality is not evil.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the mountain is only as big as you believe it is. If you can imagine how to climb it, then it’s not so big that you couldn’t overcome it. If you can’t believe in yourself and imagine yourself climbing it, then it’s the tallest thing in the world. If you look into the distance and see an obstacle standing in your way, then your way of thinking can either stop you in your tracks and say, “well…end of the road. There’s something in the way”, OR, it can be a motivator to overcome what seems impossible and say something like, “Hey there’s something in the road. I’ll just have to figure out how to get over it or around it!” To sum it up in one word…PERSPECTIVE.

Sorry for getting philosophical on you lol. I hope my point came across the way I meant it.


One thought to add to the above post…don’t confuse libido with PA (Performance Anxiety). If you’ve had issues with keeping an erection and been embarrassed by that, then your mind can associate that embarrassment with sex and then guess what?..You don’t want to do it anymore because subconsciously you don’t want to face that embarrassment again!

That’s not a lack of libido, that’s the whole negative association thing I was talking about before. You’ve got to get that shit straight in your mind. Don’t be afraid of being embarrassed, and don’t allow it to be a source of embarrassment. Until the erection issues get straightened out, learn to enjoy other aspects of sex. I have found GREAT enjoyment when I was having ED issues in learning new ways to make my wife scream! (In a good way) lol

I would sit for hours and talk to her about the things that really got her going, and then learning how to read her body and touch her in the ways that she wanted to be touched. Instead of allowing my ED to turn into something that made me never want to try and have sex again, I used it as an opportunity to get to know my wife on a deeper level, and that has made our sex life go to greater heights than I ever imagined it could!


thanks man, that really picked me up. Appreciate you taking the time to write that.


If it helped you I’m glad and that makes it worth the time brother.


I will check on that. It might be a typo.


Great posts, very inspiring. I think you are right. It’s the same with self confidence I discovered. If you put yourself in the right mindset you can overcome a lot of (social) anxiety issues. The key is to keep pushing your own limits and not get comfortable in the idea that it is how it is and that nothing can be done about it. Make yourself go and talk to a coworker that you have never talked to, go and talk to the woman you think is beautiful. And if you keep doing these things you will quickly discover that nothing really bad ever happens and the scary and unknown will become very normal and natural after a while.


That is a solid transformation, especially in only 4 months.


I agree, you must have confidence and get out of your comfort zone. Most will never do this for whatever reason.

In regard to the sex stuff… I disagree… my reading shows the longer you abstain from thinking about sex the higher your libido is when the time comes.

I went 3 months without sex and any stimulation and it was fantastically awesome. The smallest thing about a woman turned me on. Before that I spent way too much time with porn and tying to bone my girlfriend. Eventually I couldn’t get it up. Too much sex is bad. That’s why porn stars are known to abstain 30 days or weeks before a scene.

There are many men and woman who live by this after having bad labido. Primarily due to desensitization and the economics of sex in most countries. It’s jsut everywhere. After you see cleavage 1200 times it’s just not as sexy as when I was 15 and noticed it.

Just like your favorite food. Eat it every day and eventually not that great is it. Wait a year and bam that’s delicious.