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Curious About HCG vs. Natural Options


I was wondering if the body would shut down the action of natural supplements like D-aspartic acid and tribulus which are supposed to increase LH production?

If not would this be a better option, in high doses, when compared to HCG?

I have read some stuff about a 4g/day tribulus program that is promoted by Marc Bartley.

I have read about it being good enough in high doses to be part of an OTC PCT for prohormones... although I am not sure I agree....


If you are using exogenous hormones (at or over 200mgs a week, especially 19-nor androgens) then tribulus will not work, at all, at either keeping your testicles large or producing testosterone. Again, this is my opinion, and probably the opinion of most people who research. Also, taking 4grams of concentrated tribulus terrestris saponins is probably not a good idea...


Yep, trib terr won't have any effect on, or off cycle from the data I've seen. (Except maybe for your libido).

Can you post the references in the article you have read (if it has any)?

I'd also be supprised if anybody would be willing to reccomend daa in place of HCG for on cycle LH support.