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Curing the Imaginary Lats Syndrome


Hi all,

Just a quick question. When I put my arms down to my side, my elbows tend to "stick out" as if I had humongous lats. My lats are decent, but I don't think they're big enough in order to cause this "syndrome". If I force my elbows in, it feels uncomfortable. I was just wondering if this was normal or if the reason behind this is due to tight muscle groups, and if it is, which muscles should I stretch and which stretches should I do? Thanks guys for your help.


Hope that helps.


^^^ hahaha this is hilarious. I see people like this at my gym all the time. Their arms magically float up and in front of their body. Looks horrible


Lol! very funny!
n funnier cause i too have ILS. However as the OP posted its not something I do consciously. Maybe I'm just trying to not have my armpit grind against itself?????
and to avoid having my biceps in constant touch with my lats..??


Hahahaha Lat Czar that was good.


Awesome! THat's the 40 lb overweight "trainer" at my current gym!



40lbs of LATS


Lol, it seems this syndrome spans through the entire earth's population, though we refer to them as melonthieves, cause it looks like the're constantly carrying watermelons under their armpits


I knew a guy like this from school, My buddy and i called him "Fat Lats Josh," Didnt know his actual name...Man must've weighed about 180lbs, but was pure blubber, didnt look like he'd lifted a day in his life.

One day he approached me, Lats A-Flared, while i was sitting at a table. With his lips as pursed as his lats, he said "Hey man, you look pretty big. What do you bench?"

I Mutter to myself "As if bench is the ultimate indication of strength...I normally end between 4-500 for reps depending on the day."

To which he responds "Pounds?"

I look at him Flabbergasted..."No, Inches," i say as i nod at him.

Moving back to his topic, Himself, he quickly jumps to saying "Yea, i rep like, 200 to 300 like 20 times."

"Cool" i spit out through force feeding myself Chicken and Sweet potatoes, as if to seem too busy to talk.

Finally he went away, and When Hyena came back from the rest room we had ourselves a good chuckle. Saw that guy all around school too...lol ahh what a hilarious semester we had...


LOL hahahahaha


I like the dudes that instantly blow themselves up like a set of puffer fish when the chicks walk past.


I am guessing you have bad internal rotation of the shoulders, which is causing your elbows to stick out. If that is the case, there are some old articles on T-Nation on shoulder health; but a good rule of thumb is to pull more than you push, and focus on your upper back.


LOL at "internet diagnosis" from "random internet guy".

It is much more likely the OP is as clueless as everyone who does this for no reason. Unless you are carrying size damn near like a IFBB pro, put your arms down.


Wait...you have ILS because you don't want the skin in your arm pit to touch the rest of you???


Lol.....this will end badly.


excellent vid and also a funny story from Akuma!

I see this mostly with younger men who are perhaps excited at having some muscularity at last and want to make the 'most of it'. I saw a kid, about 18-20 i guess, some time back storming through a mall in a tank top (of course!). It wasn't that he had no muscles, he looked modestly athletic/muscular, it was the 'hard man' expression and the arms out, as bad as in the video, it looked like a joke except i think it was for real. Needless to say the looks he got probably weren't what he hoped for.

I wonder what happens to an ILSer when they walk past the real thing? (maybe akuma/prof/others seen it from the other side...)


Read the OP a little more closely, he states 'If I force my elbows in, it feels uncomfortable.'

If you have a better explanation for the elbows involuntarily sticking out other than internal rotation, post it.


Wouldn't the best cure be to grow some?


I just fucking did. There is a reason no doctor worth anything would try to diagnose someone based on nothing but what they say is wrong with no visual examination. The most likely cause is the guy has bad posture and/or acts much like the guys in that vid posted. Most people like this don't even think they look silly until others point it out.

As soon as you take a close visual look at the kid, THEN you can unload your extremely specific diagnosis over the fucking internet.

What are your credentials?


I intentionally used the word 'guessing' when responding. My purpose was to offer a viable explanation, and not to provide any kind of diagnosis. This should be understood and not have to be explicitly stated when responding to a request for assistance in an online forum.