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Curing Leg Muscle Imbalance

I’ve been on a mass gaining phase phase, and I’ve realized that I clearly have a big imbalance becoming increasingly apparent with my legs. My vastus lateralis and intermedius dominate my medialis (the tear drop).

To make it worse, my inner hamstrings are strong which widen my inner thigh, giving my legs a serious ham-hock look (they are really thick until half-way down my thigh).

I lift 3 times a week following a TBT style routine, which includes at least one compound leg movement per day:

Mondays I back squat and power clean, Wednesday I deadlift and Fridays I front squat.

I figured that when I was starting out the imbalance would go away if I just continued to lift heavy and everything has grown, but continues to be un-proportionate. What should I do? Back-off on certain leg exercises by rotating them? Isolation movements (I don’t do any currently for my legs).

Do more single leg work for both quads and hams, it’s that simple

Are you squatting low enough? (The lower the better) If you cant go low- work on ankle flexability until you can) You should be able to leave a shit stain on the floor when squatting :)!

Do you squat feet close together or a bit wider with toes pointing slightly outwards? (It will make it a bit easier to go lower)

Do bulgarian split squats as described by Charles Poliquin. They target the VMO (teardrop) as well as increasing stability all over lower body.

Never sacrifice range of motion for heavier weight when squatting otherwise you will be slowing down progress and never develop a full set of quads (especially the part above the knee)

Actually, I’ve been going the lowest I’ve ever gone. I definitely going ass-to-the-floor once I started squatting on the olympic platforms (I think I got claustrophobia or something in the power cage:P)

As for my squatting form, I follow it according to Mark Rippetoe (there’s a big “Squat” poster by him on the wall in our gym), so my legs are slightly over shoulder width apart, toes pointed 35 degrees outward maybe?

single leg presses and single leg smith machine squats?