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Cured medial epicondylitis


I've posted on here before about nagging golfer's elbow pain and I've seen many people also have the same problem. I started going to a chiropractor right next to my gym a couple months ago. I was going for my nagging back pain issues which are all but non-existent now. I have squatted and deadlifted more than I ever have and pain free. But I also mentioned my forearm/elbow issue and he has this laser machine that they've used about 3x so far.

I've been doing chinups and pullups and curls pain free since those treatments! I have no idea what the laser is called but for the guys who have the same problem you may want to look into something like that. I've done a lot of massaging and finger extensions with the rubberbands as well but this treatment was the game changer.


Hey StevenF, it's cool to hear that it worked for you. That's something that's becoming more popular in PT clinics, and research is starting to point toward its efficacy too. Unfortunately reimbursement for it is shit, so sometimes it's wrapped into an electric stimulation device, which I think is silly.

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LLLT can potentially be effective in treating tendinopathy when recommended dosages are used. The 12 positive studies provide strong evidence that positive outcomes are associated with the use of current dosage recommendations for the treatment of tendinopathy."


this is what my chiro uses:



I saw an article years ago, where Vince Gironda recommended manganese (not magnesium) for tendonitis pain.


yup got it in my clinic