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Cure/Prevent a Hangover?


What are some of the best ways to prevent a Hangover? I've recently been researching ways to prevent and cure hangovers online, i've seen a couple of other bodybuilding forums discuss it and I wanted to see what you guys think.

I know one of the causes is dehydration and you should drink lots of water prior/during/after consuming alcohol, but what else? Also, please don't tell me "Don't Drink" lol. Thank You


For every alcoholic drink, follow it up by drinking at least the same volume of water (double for liquor). Add a tiny pinch of sea salt to help restore the body's salt balance. Before you go to bed, take a good multi-vitamin/mineral.

Just drinking the water in between drinks usually works for me, but using the sea salt/multi should help if it's going to be a long/heavy night of drinking or if you feel the drinking is affecting your training.


The best "cure" is a delicious bloody mary early in the morning... while your still kinda drunk. That way you just keep it going and never get hung over. Boom! End thread

DISCLAIMER: I dont get hung over ever and its awesome... some call it a gift



You can also try drinking a sports drink (Gatorade or Powerade) before calling it a night. It not only replaces the water lost but also all those minerals you pissed out while drinking. My brother also swears by takiing a couple of Advil (Ibuprofin) before passing out. Just be sure to avoid Tylonol it dammages the liver and when mixed with booz can do permanant dammage.


Pedialyte is hands down the best hangover cure there is. It was originally designed to help replace the fluids, vitamins, and minerals that a child looses when sick. It can be found in any grocery store and is cheap. Whenever I go to Vegas, I make sure to have at least 2-4 bottles of Pedialyte with me, and either pound one before going to sleep or right when I wake up. It's the best, period.


x2 though I prefer a few beers to a bloody mary. Or one serving of alka-seltzer in a pint of water before sleep and the same again when you wake up.

As for a non alcoholic drink after every drink thats only fun if you enjoy being sober and pissing loads.


Ugh, the only time I have ever had a hangover was when i got drunk off bananas 99, jello shots and Jager. All other times i have chugged a quarter of a gallon of green tea and i drink water until i pass out.


Taking a small amount of alcohol actually works because some of the shitty hangover effects are due to withdrawal symptoms.

other good advice revolves around the phrase "man the fuck up"


Drinking a lot of water as someone else mentioned. Tried it a few times and felt perfectly normal the next day.


A few tips:

-In college I would put 4 bottles of water and a couple slices of bread on my pillow to make sure I would consume them before falling asleep.

-Stick to drinking one type of alcohol, from personal experience mixing beers and hard liquor would doom me to insane headaches.

  • In my experience straight hard liquor would produce much less severe hangover effects as opposed to drinking beer or mix drinks.

-Get drunk more often lol. when I was drinking bi-weekly in my 1st year of college the hangover effects weren't all that bad, it's only when I spaced my drinking sessions multiple weeks apart did they intensify


Yes. Since being single I have been drinking a lot more (4 nights a week on average) and I never get hangovers anymore. I don't even really have to drink water. I think I am slowly killing myself, lol.


hahaha definitely a blessing and a curse.



B-Vitamins, minerals/electrolytes, water, protein, glutamine


Dude, this chick who broke your heart isn't worth it man!


Since being single I have been drinking a lot more (4 nights a week on average) and I never get hangovers anymore. I don't even really have to drink water. I think I am slowly killing myself, lol.[/quote]

Dude, this chick who broke your heart isn't worth it man![/quote]

They are never worth killing yourself, but I find that as I am also recently single; I would rather be a good liver than have one. And so I drink to excess whenever the oppertunity presents itslef. However, I avoid the possibility of being an alcoholic by admitting that I drink too much, and since denial is the 1st stage of alcoholism I am safe...


If you know you have a big night of drinking ahead of you then do a little preparation and it will save you the next day. You have to have some self control in the sense that you can make it back to your bed or a BED and do the following before crashing. If you drink until you black out and passout wherever the hell... then you deserve the hangover you will have.

Before crashing, eat something! - Replenish and absorb.

Take 1 Multi Vitamin - get in excessive vitamins and minerals while you sleep to help counter what you did.

2-3 Excedrin MIGRAINE's - These have 2 diff pain relievers in them and Caffeine.
(I know your like wtf take caffeine before bed? Take the regular tablets because they take longer to dissolve. By the time the caffeine is in your blood you should be passed out asleep then it works well because it thins out your blood and distributes the pain reliever and other nutrients faster.)

1 Liter of Gatorade - Follow this all down with 1 liter of gatorade. Yes drink the whole liter, then take a piss. This should recover or help recover all lost fluids.

Lay on the nightstand or near the bed 1 Packet of BC POWDER and 1 LITER OF WATER. This is for the morning.

SLEEP, LIGHTS OUT, CURTAINS AND BLINDS CLOSED, CLOTHES OFF, FAN ON HIGH, AC SET LOW. People crash fully clothed in a hot room, makes you more liable to get sick.

If you wake up and still dont feel right or have a headache, whatever, immediatley open the 2 bc powder packs and poor them on your tongue and wash it down with water. These have almost the same ingredients as Excedrin migraine but they are in crushed powder form and start absorbing almost immedietley. Drink the whole liter of water. Breathe Deeply for a few minutes, get the oxygen in the body.

Now get your ass up and take a hot shower and start your day. If you start moving, sweating, thinking about other shit, focusing on other stuff and you have the right medicine in your body, your hangover will go away faster. Otherwise you lay in bed for 6 hours and still feel like shit because your body is in a comatose state.

So to recap:

Things to Buy

Excedrin Migraine tablets
BC Powder Packets
1 Liter of Gatorade/Powerade
1 Liter of Water
1 Multi
Some food already made, close at hand or Fast Food if you must.

Things to Remember

Dont passout before doing the above
Fix your environment before passing out (Think cold dark Cave)
Prepare for the worst and make everything as convenient as possible.
Dont lay around all day. Fight it, get up and move, you will feel better faster.

good luck.


Last time I was in Vegas I found these hangover cure pills next to the RedBull (how did they know I was mixing it with vodka?!). Active ingredient is charcoal or something like that. You take 2 before you start drinking - or with your first drink if you're like me, and then 2 every few hours after that. I forget the exact instructions because.... I was drunk. Works like a fucking charm! I found them here in Denver at a Walgreen's so I imagine you can get them anywhere. Otherwise, gatorade/pedialyte and pasta. And if you can find a hard cock to gag yourself on by the end of the night so whatever alcohol is left in your stomach gets out... all the better.


yep activated charcoal should help too. it should absorb a lot of the toxins


Drink/eat something before bed and have a gatorade and granola bar on your nightstand to be consumed immediately upon waking


Hey karma, wanna get drunk together?