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Cure for the Common Cold?


I'm sick with a brutal cold. I haven't been to the gym in nearly a week and I've missed 3 days of work so far.

I'm getting sick of being sick!

Anyone have any advice or what to take/do to get rid of this thing?

I've heard that echinacea is good, but only PRIOR to having the cold, so it's kinda useless once you have it and in mid-stream with it.

I've also heard Cold-FX is great, but again, only good at the first sign of the cold.

This is brutal. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



rest. water. eat. repeat.

while i’m not gonna tell you that “vitX” will cure you, it seems as though vit C, D, and zinc help to support a healthy immune system. make sure you have adequate amounts of those three, but mega-dosing them probably won’t do much.


I don’t know if this really helps but when I’m sick I take Alpha Male and loads of ZMA spread through the day and lots of water lots of sleep.


Nasal irrigations with a neti pot filled with warm water,a teaspoon of sea salt,and a teaspoon of colliodal silver works well for me. Do this am&pm. Cuts the duration down to 2 days usually.


Check out the thread “Laroyal’s Return to Powerlifting” Laroyal gives an extensive outline of how to relieve yourself of a cold very quickly.


More rest, be happy, cut out sugars and alcohol and don’t forget to KEEP EATING (not cut back as most sick people do).

And “the common cold” is a total misnomer. There is no way a cold is caused by the SAME bug in everyone or every year. A cold is just a loose term for a series of symptoms that are fairly mild.