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Cure for Tendonitis?


I've been playing guitar and training hard, and now I think I screwed things up yesterday in the gym. I've been wrapping my wrist and putting a lot of analgesic creams and stuff... this made it possible to still train, albeit at a reduced intensity.

Question is, what are your best tips for healing quickly the wrist? I'm icing, taking fish oils, and now try leave my wrist in a splint so that it has the time to heal. Since I'm typing at a keyboard all day long this doesn't help I know...

How much time does it usually take to heal?
I'm starting AAS and this really screws my cycle planning, needless to say.

Are cortisone injections efficient to deal with this?

thanks for you input, I hate it when my body fails on me


It’s not a cure but I find that glucosamine helps a lot with my tennis elbow.




Were you actually diagnosed with tendonitis ?


No no, self-diagnosed ; )

I just have pain on the top of my wrist when I flex. I know the feeling from my years playing piano, and I trust guitar+gym didn’t help…


Glucosamine, MSM, Fish Oil (at least 10g) and Turmeric


I forgot to add - get an Ergo evaluation of your workstation. I would also recommend an Ergo mouse.




Hey ghost, how much glucosamine do you recommend? Does it work for you? I sometimes have elbow tendonitis.


[quote]bpeloquin wrote:
Flameout [/quote]

x2, literally


guitar shouldnt really aggrivate it, i’ve typicaly had days where i practice about 5 hrs or so, sometimes my fingers get raw and i need some time off, but that’s only ever happened twice. If guitar is aggrivating it, maybe your technique sucks.

EDIT: I know some of my favorite players had tendon problems and were forced to change their technique

Jonathan Kreisberg comes to mind

but yeah take fish oil, also circumin is good stiff


lol don’t worry, I’m sure my technique sucks!!! lol

Ok, I’ll swallow some more fish oils can get some glucosamine… this really blows!! I hate being hurt


Vitamin C has helped me tremendously, I take 6-8 grams a day; just don’t take more than 2 grams at a time, or you will get diarrhea.


[quote]rephore wrote:
Hey ghost, how much glucosamine do you recommend? Does it work for you? I sometimes have elbow tendonitis. [/quote]

I take 2 tablets x 600 mg. So 1200 mg per day. I buy the Glucosamine from Trader Joes.


thanks for all the info! I’ll swing by the health store tomorrow


best suggestion I got: Take a week off. Training with an already sore wrist, on top of the guitar, on top of what I’m assuming is 8 hours on a keyboard everyday, that is no bueno. Take a week long vacation from work, and stay away from the gym during that time. That’s what I would do. You have to give your body time to heal that kinda thing. Taking all kinds of supplements and vitamins and other stuff might help, but its really only gonna mask the real problem.


Also, starting a cycle of AAS with pre-existing joint problems, I wouldn’t expect it to get any better.


Try Super-Cissus. Also, I usually add some turmeric to my protein shakes.