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Cure for Skinny Legs


I just started the Skinny legs cure a couple of weeks ago. It is a brutal workout but I love it. My questions are: How many times a week is this exercise performed? Is the specified rest period between sets a guideline? Can I do this program until I have tree trunks for legs or should I change programs periodically? Thanks for all the informative articles. Dan


I did that a couple of years ago. It's to the puke point brutal, but it paid off. Because of the high volume you need five to seven days of rest. That's what Thibs recommended in the article, and for me there really was no other choice. I felt like a truck had run over my legs the first couple of days after a session.


I too used to have skinny legs, actually skinny body. And then, I started to squat. Then, I would squat. After that, I would squat. Then, did I mention, I would squat?

Just squat! And do it right - foam roll like a mad man, eat at least 1.5 grams/lb BW protein, stay away from too much sugar and squat!

Doing this, I put on 70lbs BW without too much fat, waist went up 2".


Did you eat oatz?


I currently read on article that suggested having a full day dedicated to calves, and just go balls to the wall on those skinny guys, betwwne sets stretch your calves and try to get the blood flowing in them as much as possible.

I myself have small, stubborn calves and have started trying this, I do weighted standing calve raises, and right after I do body weight standing calve raises till burnout, then I sit down and message the back of the calves to try and push blood into them to try and get them to grow,

Try to rest as much as possible between sets and go till those suckers are burning, Ive done this for the last few weeks and have started to see some progress!


I did and I do but only on high carb days which are every 7 days or so. High carb day would be 300+ grams with a bit lower protein and fat than normal. Normal day is 75-100 grams carbs.

I buy the steel cut oats and soak them overnight to get rid of phytates and lectins before cooking in morning.