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Cure For Shoulder Problems


I found this on a different website and have tried it. It does help to loosen the shoulder and it does feel good.

My question is, would any of the authors or knowledgeable readers, know if this is an exercise that would help, or hurt shoulder problems.

Here is the link to the exercise.



I would be impressed if someone made a video of how to do this, I am a dumbnut and cannot workout how to do it from the instructions given


Well, this is a really crude drawing, but I hope that it helps.


Yep, I've done this exercise before when my shoulder was in pain, and it really did help. Felt great even, orgasmic! But maybe that was just in comparison to throbbing agony. Posted it here, and people were like, "Hyperextension for an injured shoulder? You're nuts!".

But now that Dave Tate has posted the article about using bands to pull on the joints, maybe they'll take this technique more seriously. It's really the same principle.


The only cure is more cowbell!


Excellent. I'll have to find and read that article by Dave Tate. I must have missed that one.


Easy, guys.. I put my pants on just like the rest of you - one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on, I make gold records.


It's called "overhead shoulder dislocations" and it's on the Magnificent Mobility DVD. Great exercise.


Are you being serious? Because the name of the exercise makes it sound like you are being sarcastic!




No, its real. I use it before upper body workouts to loosen up my shoulders. I use a dowell rod though. Not sure what they're using but I'd recommend it. Take somewhat of a snatch grip when you're doing it


Alright, thanks.


Yeah, i've got mad MS Paint skills!!!


Nice cheers, I thought thats how it should go, but I got confused as when my arms are pointing up I cant get them to go back anyfurhter, thats why I didn't understand it, I thought it an impossible movement, ythis is where I am stuck:

I have drawn my pic in 3D cos im shit hot on paint!


Are you challenging me to a MSPaint Draw-Off!?! If so, I accept. We shall settle who the best MSPainter is! LOL

Now that I got that out of my system. If you can't move you arms all the way back you are suppose to move your hands further out on the broomstick. Use a wider grip. When i'm going these I use a stretch band so I can stretch my arms out as far as I need to to be able to get all the way back. Does that make sense?

And I see you also included your twig and berries on your drawing. Kudos to you good sir!



excellent Bohica cheers!


Please do not refer to my man meat as a twig haha!

regardless of grip I cannot get past 12 o'clock, I watch that video and it looks impossible to me, I don't know why I can't do it, my arms will not bend back.

As for the draw off, thats sounds like a good OTF post thread, maybe the mods can start a competition for best BB drawing in paint and offer a prize of sike or sommink.... actually maybe thats a shit idea!


Well, I am one to take a shit idea to its limits...

You might want to PM Mike Robertson and/or Eric Cressey about that issue. They could have some advice to increase your range of motion. Or maybe its normal for some people to be unable. I know I'd investigate further, if it was me. Good luck.


LMFAO! Wow.... just...... just wow....