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Cure for Morning Tiredness?


Hell it works for me.


How much caffeine do you take in? My wife used to have a very hard time getting up in the morning, even with adequate sleep, but no issues with tiredness during the day. I convinced her to quit caffeine, and the problem disappeared after a few months. Her daily headaches (which could magically and instantly be cured by a cup of coffee) also went away. Now she's back on it again at a lower level, and the problems are back at a lower level.


Could also be depression or stress...


I've got the same problem ever since I have started weight training and eating correctly.

If I remember correctly, aren't you a skinny 19-year old trying to build mass?? I thought I saw some pics of you in the other section.

Anyways, post your diet. I'm sure ppl on this thread could comment on it and critique it.

I suggest having more simple carbs in the morning (ie. a cup of hot black coffee with sugar will do the trick).

I've tried upping my carb intake, its been working so far..
..to a certain extent (still have your kinda problem).

Just my two cents.


I suffer from many different sleep disorders so I feel your pain. (sleep apnea, insomnia, can't remember the name of the other 2)

One thing that may be causing problems is involentary muscle twitches. From what the doctors told me even very slight movement of any body part basicly restarts the sleep cycle so you have to work your way all the way back to deep sleep again. If you wake up with your sheets/covers really messed up on occasion this is a dead give away.

Like mentioned what really helps is wake up the same time EVERY day. When I'm able to do this it makes a big difference, even if I only get 5-6 hours of sleep that night. But if I sleep in on a weekend it messes everything up and takes about another week for me to feel awake (I never feel rested) when I have to get up early for work.


Do you use an alarm clock? Your body runs in 45-minute sleep cycles and you feel refreshed if you wake up after a sleep cycle but like a train-wreck if you wake up during certain parts of the cycle regardless of how long you slept.


This is an interesting idea, but at the same time impractical IMO.

How is he supposed to know the exact time at which he has fallen asleep?? No one knows when, as they are, duh, sleeping by then.

And you got to know the exact time you have fallen asleep to start calculating the 45 minute sleep cycles from that moment.


chances are it's this simple...open a window. it lets fresh air in and your body isn't breathing in it's own recycled and used oxygen(which as i am told changes in compound or is tweeked some way or another when it is breathed out after being taken in). Anyway, that worked for me big time and i do it during the winter too...just need more blankets...but only need 6 hours of sleep as oposed 8 or 9.


Join the military...9-12 weeks of morning PT and Drill Sgt yelling will get you awake in a hurry.
Seriously I have this "problem" too, and when I go to PT in the mornings (about an hour after I wake up) it goes away, so maybe if you do a light workout upon rising (situps, flutter kicks, push ups ect) you might feel more awake. But if you arn't sleeping enough nothing will help you.
Good luck


Work midnights for a while... you'll get so damned tired of dragging your tired ass around you'll appreciate any sleep you get and always have someting to compare your current state to that makes you feel good...


Ugh, Vroom I can totally relate to this, working midnight shifts as an ER nurse, that chronic tiredness....

For the morning tiredness, I agree with the posters who said you should visit your doctor. The first things that came to mind off the top of my head were Thyroid problems, Mononucleosis, nutrient deficits, overtraining, sleep apnea, depression, hypoglycemia...Talk to your MD, ok?? Good luck!!!


I am only taining three days a week for about an hour and a half sessions.


Interesting. How much do these sleep tests usually run cost wise?


Age: 20
Fitness level: begginer-intermediate
Test levels?


Can you buy ZMA over the counter?


To be honest, none.


I will deffinetly give this a try.


I have heard about this from other people, as well. I also talked to a couple of docs, and they say it is just a myth. I have treid it and it has not worked.


Unless you are juicing, doing 1.5 hour sessions is likely overtraining.


Depends on whether he means "actual training" or "total time spent in the gym".

Dude, don't sweat it. Just have a strong shot of black coffee with your breakfast.

I'm currently feeling much better, and I had the EXACT same problem as you have described.