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Cure for Morning Tiredness?


It doesn't matter what time i get to bed, I am still tired as shit in the morning. I have been working out right lifting right, and eating right, yet I guess morning just aren't for me. If you guys can offer me and solutions, it would help out a lot.


depends, If yo are totally wated after a good nights sleep then I might suggest a dr. visit. If you are just groggy then you may want to change your routine a bit. If you sleep with some one then yo may want to ask them if you have been rolling around, talking or snoring more than usual.

Other than that I'd go with the usual recommendations, no stimulant or alcohol after noon. A Spike in the morning can be helpful. Try napping in the afternoon. You may even may want to reduce the number of hours you sleep at night. Excess sleeping can lead to grogginess for many people.
Hope that halps.



More sleep.


Could be your mattress. Try out a Tempur-pedic bed sometime. I damn near fell asleep at a mattress store on one of those things, lol. They're really expensive, but probably worth every penny. If I weren't saving most of my pennies towards a house I'd snatch up a queen sized model in a heartbeat.


You probably just need to get a little more consistent with what time you go to bed and what time you get up. Your body like to work itself into a nice rhythm for this kind of thing, so if you are changing it up a lot(not sure from your post if that is the case), it can wreak some havoc.

Also, how do you actually sleep at night? Tossing and turning? Waking up and not being able to get back to bed? When you go to bed, does it take long for you to actually fall asleep? It might just be you are stressed out and the quality of your sleep is suffering.

How old is your bed? Maybe it's time for a replacement.

There's just a lot of factors that can contribute to getting (or not getting) a good night's rest.



I have the same thing although I think mine is more of a training problem and lack of sleep, I avg. about 5 hours a night. Take a vacation, IT HELPS!


Do you snore or stop breathing at night?

If so, get yourself checked for sleep apnea.


It could be a dozen things....

I would invest in Spike or HOT-ROX. If that doesn't get you going you could try crack....



Funny thing is, I don't have any bad symptoms. I don't have a consistent bed time, but I am usually in bed by 10pm-12am. I sleep at least 8 hours and at most 10. I have a new mattress. I am not stressed out, and I do not drink much after noon.

When I go to sleep, I fall a sleep right away, and I don't wake up in the middle of the night tossing or turning. But when I wake up, early, I feel like shit; the kind of shit like you were drinking all night and got 5 hours of sleep shit.


check out the big sleep articles in the archives.

also, util i get my morning shower, i really dont feel like moving. then when i do, i start to awaken and feel a lot more energized.


are you overtraining? if you exceed your body's ability to recover, this could happen (i dont have the scientific proof here, its just anecdotal, something i have observed with myself)


Have to agree with the Dr. suggestion. Same thing started happening to me several years ago out of the blue. After 6 months of agony and numerous doctor visits, I had a sleep study done. They discovered I had a sleep disorder. Medication did the trick. Check it out.


Some good things to look at so far, though the two things that are most commonly the cause of grogginess in the morning are negative nitrogen balance (not enough protein in the system) and dehydration. What color is your urine first thing in the morning? How are your nighttime eating habits?



I was reading once about how some researchers proved(sorry I am going off memory here) that everyone has a different sleep schedule. Not just the amount of sleep needed which is obvious but different phases of the day. For example, some people are useless beyond 9 p.m. and naturally awake early.

Others are most productive late in the day and aren't meant to get up early. They concluded that although most people are in the middle(say going to bed between 10 and 1) there are some who will never feel rested unless they either go to sleep earlier or even much later. Then there is a saying that 1 hour before midnight is worth 2 after. I am not sure that applies to everyone though. I myself am not an early riser. I have figured out that if I go to bed around 1 and get up at 9ish, I always feel rested.

Otherwise, you might have sleep apnea or simply a bad bed. Ever try ZMA? Helps me get better sleep. Overtraining for sure can screw up sleep too. Also, make sure your room is really dark. Just my 2 cents.


Try getting up at the same time every day, no matter when you get to bed. This is more important than when you get to bed. Then of course, getting to bed on time will help. Making this a more precise routine might help a lot.


Age? Fitness level? Test Levels?


Echoing the responses above, there could be a number of factors. It sounds to me like you aren't getting enough RESTORATIVE sleep. This could be from sleep apnea or just general restlessness. Give ZMA a try (heck, it's just 9 bucks). I feel like I get a more restfull nights sleep when I take it. You will also get some wickedly vivid dreams.

I don't know about you're sleep environment, but there could be other intangibles (noise, etc).

I also second the Tempurpedic mattress response, but if you want the same thing for half the dough, check out Absolute Comfort's mattress. I absolutely LOVE mine. I'm getting better sleep now than I did before we had kids (and one of ours is only 3months old).

Hope this at least helped a little.


ZMA before bed, Spike in the morning, energy will be pouring out of your skin.



So when are you supposed to start drinking? At 7am? Guess beer really is only for breakfast anymore. Doesn't leave much time for the bar either, since they open at 11am.


I was that way for a while, couldn't keep my eyes open in class at 8. After a little experimentation this is what worked for me. Sleep no later than 10:30, wake up at 5-530. Eat a small (~300-400 cals) meal of P+F (I loved scrambled eggs and cottage cheese). A piece of toast is ok, but if carbs make up more than a small portion of the meal I found it MUCH harder to wake up, and in fact felt sleepier after eating.

I'd sit around mindlessly watching tv for about an hour and have a cup of tea, then hit the gym by 7 (done by 7:40, ran home to shower, chug pwo, and run back to class at 8:30). After a few months of doing this, I was perfectly alert at 5 upon waking, and started taking 7 am chem classes.