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Cure for Long, Skinny Traps?


Does anyone have any suggestions for long skinny traps? My body type is tall with long skinny muscles. My traps are starting to annoy me, do they grow better with explosiveness or more of a hold and squeeze?


Get bigger everywhere.

Traps are similar to calves in that the muscle has a very small ROM so a pause at the top of the contraction will yield better results.


What the guy above said.

Deadlifting will also put some good mass to your back and traps.


yeah my deadlift definitely affected my overall trap strength. Thanks guys I appreciate the input :slightly_smiling:


Eat more.


The secret to traps?

High pulls. Do them from a hang and pull to your lower ribs.

Build up to 405 for 3 and you won't be complaining about skinny traps anymore.


No, high pulls will fuck up your shoulders, there are better and safer alternatives.


In the process of learning how to eat until i can't eat anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


high pulls are almost the same as the part of the clean (before the catch) - why are they so bad?


also a little curious about that. I've been incorporating more power cleans and clean and presses into my routine lately.... if I'm pulling them to my lower ribs like twiceborn said is that bad?