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Cure for AIDS


no, not a spoof of the cancer cure thread.

listening to a morning readio talk show they said it looks like they cured the 1st person with AIDS. A guy was diagnosed a few years ago, and after finding some people that are immune to it (<1% of the pop), they did bone marrow transplants (if that's the right term).

He now appears to be free of AIDS. Anyone else hear this? I don't watch TV, just get online, but haven't seen anything mentioned.


It wouldn't be the first time someone has been cured of HIV from a bone-marrow transplant (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/7726118.stm). However, this cannot be seen as a cure for HIV.

Some people have a genetic mutation called delta 32 which is a small deletion causing the expression of a defective chemokine co-receptor called CCR5, a molecule which is pivotal in the entry of HIV virus into our T-cells.

A bone-marrow transplant from someone with this mutation can work (and indeed has worked), but of course it's extremely expensive, requires a highly skilled surgeon, and requires someone with this mutation who is willing to be a donor.

As the HIV/AIDS pandemic is largely confined to sub-saharan Africa, this can't be seen as an effective method of curing HIV, and due to problems with cost, adherence, side-effects of anti-retrivirals for people who suffer from HIV, it's thought that the only real way to stop the HIV pandemic will be a vaccine.

I recommend http://www.iavi.org/Pages/home.aspx for news relating to advances in HIV medicine.


Given the number of people with AIDS, the fact that this "cure" has not become a common medical practice likely means that there is something wrong with it.


Too bad it won't work on a larger scale...


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The FDA has approved a new HIV drug that works by blocking the virus from reproducing: http://apne.ws/l9OVIH -EC


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Someone doesn't know how a bone marrow graft is done and it shows.

Hint : no need for a surgeon.


we were actually talking about this subject in school last week, not this particular story but HIV/AIDS and possible cures. apparently in africa where it is most prevalent children are being born with an immunity to it. the thought is that since its so prevalent over time they have created these immunities and people are trying to figure out how to get that immunity. its a small egg but ya never know.


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Lots and lots of money, injected directly into the blood stream.


yeah the article about this was published in the new england journal of medicine about 2 years ago.



Ok excuse me for that mistake. I'm a biochemistry undergrad, not medicine, I don't really deal with that side of things.

My bad.

Doesn't really change anything I said though.