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Curcumin Video




Part 2:

Part 3:


I watched them. Very informative.
I'm going to recommend curcumin to a few family members.

I don't have anything to add other than that!


At least someone watched them.

The LEF BCM-95 Bio-Curcumin looks good:

I'm going to wait for the Biotest one.

EDIT: Biotest out NOW



I use this stuff along with my fish oil. Been great for my joints and pain.

I just ordered 2 bottle from Biotest.

I rarely use my Advil anymore.




when i see this thread i always think it's about circumcision


FYI, the video in your first post recommends not taking curcumin with piperine. The Biotest formula contains piperine.


I think I'll tske my chances with Biotest.


Hmnnn that might actually cause 'joint' pain -lol



I have no doubt that Biotest's version of it is great. I tried Poliquin's a few years ago and I found it effective. Biotest's is quite a bit cheaper, how can you go wrong.


I've tried the Biotest one and it works great.


do u guys just take like 2 a day daily and thats it?


I take one after workouts and one with dinner, usually. If I am experiencing pain or extreme soreness I may double those doses.