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Curcumin Trial/Study Underway in UK

Hi Folks

There’s a new trial on Curcumin underway in the UK, albeit small. The article’s worth a read.



Cool to see what develops down the line. I started using Curcumin a few years ago with very good results on my aching joints. It would certainly be an added benefit if it somehow showed anti-cancer properties as well (got a history in my family, lucky me).


curcumin already had a good track record for it’s anti-cancer properties, mainly through apoptosis, which allows the cells to naturally die. Essentially the blood flow to the tumor is cut off.

It’s touted heavily in the holistic veterinary world, and promising research in humans too :wink: My wife and I take it along with our dog, IMO, it’s that important


Good stuff!

Whole tumeric is supposed to be better rather than just curcumin extracted from it

Edited: i have not done research on this but a former poster has a website and reccomends the whole thing because of synergistic qualities between molecules found in tumeric

[quote]ryanbCXG wrote:
Whole tumeric is supposed to be better rather than curcumin extracted from it[/quote]

That makes sense, however, in trials they use the extract form in order to get higher doses. Or at least from the head/neck cancer study I linked above.

[quote]ryanbCXG wrote:
Whole tumeric is supposed to be better rather than curcumin extracted from it[/quote]

Considering curcumin has 1000 different medicinal benefits, better for what specifically? Delivery? Anti-Inflammation? Cancer? Just curious what you have read.

Hip: Its from a new site so i guess i will edit my post and state that i havent done the research but i do trust that guy and his research.

But the supposed deal is its just like more effective curcumin so all the benefits curcumin have are just better when using the whole thing. Tumeric. I think there will be lots of that showing up as more and more molecules are found and studied. Tumeric has many many different molecules that do great things. But seperating will remove any synergistic qualities. Its synergy that makes Tumeric supposedly better than curcumin