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Curcumin Shows Up in the Toilet?


Hi guys, i have been taking curcumin for a while now, i've used it at 1g a day in 2 doses. I've used a brand without piperine and 2 brands with.

1 thing that remains constant is that i can always see little orange specks in my crap. Has anyone else experienced this with curcumin?



Never had that happen. Have you tried Biotest's? Its the only one I use.


I'm using ALOT of ground turmeric in my food everyday and I'm noticing the same thing.


For the past 3 weeks Ive been adding tumeric to my poached eggs every morning and to my dinner when I can, and I havent noticed anything. I dont think I feel any different either.
Does anybody here notice the effects of tumeric/curcumin in their diets??

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The only effects I notice when adding tumeric into my diet is that my food tastes like tumeric, which tastes like shit. It also comes out of your pores just like curry, which is good if you are trying to repel hot chicks.


I use roughly 20-30 grams of ground turmeric per day (on pro/fat meals, since the active ingredient is fat soluble).
It helps me with everyday bowel movements.

(I noticed that when I stopped using the spice)


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