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Curcumin & Nitric Oxide


The cur cumin bottle I got came with info sheet. After reading it I found out that cur cumin inhibits nitric oxide. So I want to know how do I supplement with it as I due use pre workout Rage , neo40 & L-Citruline , arginine , pycnoginol(pine bark extract), Hornygotweed & cordeyceps.

I like the pump I get & when I add Con-cret creatine wow. So best guess is I should only take cur cumin later in day after whole food meal when recovering as I am looking for something to help with inflammation other than Nsaid(naproxin,advil, tramadol & oxy) drugs to relieve pain as I suffer from previous shoulder recurrent dislocations , knee problems(have to were titanium brace) .

Knee has torn ACL so on. Bla Bla I know maybe I should not be training but something drives me back to gym even though I should quit according to all that know me because my results aren't very good very little gains but I love training & don't want to stop. Enough about that would like input on when to take cur cumin so it doesn't interfere with my NO production for workouts.

Best Regards Phil The Wantabe Body Builder & hockey player


To me it sounds like you get it as a supplement. If there is something you do not like in it maybe you can simply buy the real deal. I allways prefer the real stuff because with supplements there is no way to know how much is absorbed. I simply add some fresh powder with many of my meals daily. I never buy a small bottle from a spice rack it is very expensive and often it is far from fresh and comes with very little value. I would suggest you simply find a grocery that sells it in bulk with a good turnover. The color says comething.

Just like eating kiwis because they are supposed to be high in vitamin C makes absolutely no sense to me because i live in Canada. By the time they get here we are sure they have been picked way too early and they might contain 20% of their theoritical values. Here bananas taste OK but when i went in the Carabeens they tasted Great.