Curcumin Info, Protein Amounts

should be of great interest

Yes that is an interesting site.

I have been a fan of curcumin for awhile. Good in so many ways like fish oil and vitamin D.

I have also been a fan of cocnut oil in moderation for awhile which is now in vogue.

An article that states benfits of coconut oil for maximizing natural testosterone levels, actually superior to even olive oil which is also good.

and i am now a fan of your avatar…jesus

I couldn’t click the links to the article because of icecold’s avatar. Yum.

for olive oil and coconut oil, is this at room temperature or is cooking with it (e.g. scrambling your eggs in it) just as beneficial?

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and i am now a fan of your avatar…jesus[/quote]

fuck sake. i couldn’t stop staring

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should be of great interest[/quote]

so they didn’t think to use weight training individuals? Wow, really? So, you mean in an untrained individual eating more protein at a meal won’t be that much more beneficial? Shocking!