Curcumin for Digestive Health

Has anyone used curcumin for their digestive health? Or used it to help fix a digestion issue?

I have read many articles that it can help people with certain issues.

I like to hear some real feedback before I dive more into this.

I have felt more results from capsaicin than curcumin. I have found curcumin to work well for joint pain myself, didn’t really feel that much gut health-wise.

I just killed my last bottle of capsaicin from Walmart, was under $10 (90 500mg caps). There are two ways I use it, either 1 pill 15 minutes before a large meal to get stomach acids going - this is more for when overeating.

The second method is when I have eaten crap/boozed - which kills my stomach - in this case, I take 2 caps an hour before eating. This leads to a feeling like your stomach is burning. I usually do this at night and follow with a double serving of plain yogurt with whey, 1/4 teaspoon salt, ground flax, and a banana mixed in. It is enough to do the trick to get things working properly, otherwise it would be a few days before things normalize (which I can tell by the Bristol scale of my morning throne sitting and how well I digest subsequent meals).

I also have been cooking with thai chili (bird’s eye) which provides capsaicin. I use 1-1.5 large (around 2 inches) chillies per serving about 5 times a week, usually dinner, sometimes lunch. I am very sensitive to the “burn” and sweat like Niagara Falls from every pore above the neck. The first few times I could barely stand it, but once you get used to it, the “burn” is not so bad, it basically triggers receptors for actual burns and abrasion.

I realize it is a bit tangential, but I hope this information is useful to you.

Don’t know about curcumin on its own, but you need Bioperine or another CYP3A4 inhibitor to get much absorption out of it. And unfortunately, bioperine irritates the shit out of my stomach and usually leaves me running for the toilet.