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Curcumin Dosage for Increased Testosterone


I recently started taking turmeric that is a 95% curcumin extract. Per capsule, that’s about 484mg of curcumin. I took that for about a month and felt pretty well. Two weeks ago, I decided to try two capsules, one every 12 hours. For the past 4-5 days I’ve noticed that my stomach has been hurting. So, naturally I am going to reduce the pills back down to 1 a day. I wanted to know if anyone has read the optimal amount of curcumin to take in terms of testosterone and possibly if anyone knows the bio-availability of topical curcumin. I’ve only seen one topical that actually states the amount per serving, which is 200mg. I’d like to increase my test levels about 53% through supplementation. Also I do have severe acid reflux, so a topical may be best.


yeah, good luck with that…


Nice way to be a douche.


If your test levels are clinically low from a deficiency of some sort like magnesium or zinc you could hope for that kind of a increase but if you have normal test levels you aren’t going to increase it that much


if you really think you’ll get a 53% increase in test from otc supplements then that’s a nice way to be a total fucking idiot.


I sit about 474, but I also have mild sleep apnea. My free test is at 93.


Buy Biotest.

Figure out why you have acid reflux and fix that.

And sorry, but the majority of people with acid reflux in a healthy human being is because of a lousy diet.

Diet and testosterone are related.

And sleep apnea is mostly (not everyone for the none reader) is caused by being overweight, again, related to lousy diet.

Fix above and stop treating the symptoms.


I know why I have reflux. I have a hiatal hernia that prevents the diaphragm from calming the acid, because my stomach is pushed above my diaphragm. I also I have trouble staying on a diet because of it, since carbs are the only foods that seem to settle my stomach. I have to use GERD medicine which has messed up my metabolism. I am having surgery in three weeks. I took a PH test and it was very bad. My reflux is on the extreme end to where diet alone won’t fix it.


I should re-phrase. I’m hoping to get a 53%, or about a 250 point increase in total testosterone and an 80% increase in free testosterone. I am hoping to get that as a result of supplementation, in addition to having the acid reflux fixed AND taking supplements for general testosterone support.


dude, I am actually trying to help.

It won’t work. Seriously. If you have symptoms of hypogonadism go to an endocrinologist and have the shit treated medically.

If it were possible to make such a huge jump in test levels from supplementation alone we’d all be doing it.

Do you actually have symptoms of hypogonadism?


Then fix it and stop looking for ways to up your testosterone.

Talk about looking at things the wrong way.


You have a naive view of turmeric usage, things dont work like that.

You could do everything you think is going to increase your testosterone (turmeric and everything else you can think of, fish oil, vitamin D, whatever) and it still couldn’t work at all.

Of course there is a chance that it will help but you will never be sure if it really did. It’s going to be marginal.


Just throwing that out there, you could try vitamin D injections since you cant eat anything if you know your levels are low.


He’s trying.

I think people should stop telling others to go see endo. The stupid reality is you are going to get better results by yourself with the internet with TRT if you don’t live in places such as florida.


Yup. The only endo around that’ll take me seriously, charges $2,000 for treatment and uses pellets!


Someone also please give me a baseline for free testosterone levels. Mine is 93. I’m not sure if that’s good, or not. I have looked and looked and there is no reference for free test, only total. I will be getting off the GERD pills soon, maybe. I actually hope they are holding me back, as long as I no longer have to take them after surgery, which I still might. Basically if I don’t have surgery, I will get esophagus cancer. It is that bad. I do feel weaker on the pills, but if I don’t take them I can’t even eat food. If anyone knows the side effects of these pills and if they can affect androgens, please let me know. I am currently taking Dexilant DR 60mg.


Before worrying about your testosterone you need to address the stomach issue, then the hypogonadism and the test will probably end up fixing itself. The stomach issue is messing up your diet and without a good diet your body isnt able to make test so its probably more diet related and there is no need to try and fiure out all of these supplements that usually do not do anything. And after the surgery, once your diet and medial issues are addresed and you are still low, may want to think about TrT.


To The Young Men On This Site,

Curcumin, Vitamin D3 and some other nutrients may help maintain your T levels. Beyond that however you will not gain much…at least I have never seen it. Benjamin Franklin once said that “one ounce of prevention is worth one pound of cure.” This simply means that it is easier to keep your T levels high than it is to let them fall and then try to raise them by natural means. If you are reading this and are between the ages of say 16 and mid 20’s and your T levels are high you will most likely be able to keep it there or very close as you age by what I call “living clean”. That means a great diet and the proper nutrients some of them sold right here under the Biotest brand name. This along with 8 good hours of sleep per night, meditation which relieves stress, (Stress kills T levels), and consuming a high level of cruciferous vegetables (and some fruits) can keep your T levels high for a very long time.

This has worked for me and others that have taken this ride with me. The folks that I remember back in the day who partied it up smoking, drinking and eating junk food look like hell now and I’m still throwing the weights around that I did 25 years ago (and actually have improved on some lifts). Don’t take this as bragging I am genuinely trying to pass my positive experience along so that others may benefit as well.

All The Best,