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Curcumin Cycling?


Hey guys. Certain herbs that have positive effects lose their effectiveness over time as the body develops tolerance, therefore it is reccommended you not take it for some time to bring back the 'sensitivity'...

I'm wondering what your experience is with this for any of you taking Curcumin, as I haven't seen anything saying you couldn't take it constantly, but then again I'm not sure whether taking 8 caps/day year round would be a good idea. Thoughts?



Never heard of cycling Curcumin. Although what you said is true for herbs such as Rhodiola Rosea, I never read such a thing about Curcumin (which is more a spice than an herb to me, but whatever). I've bought it from other brands as well and it was never mentioned.

Cannot add much though, just saying.



if it didn't lose its effectiveness, would you really take 8 caps everyday, year around?

i normally only take the stuff when i'm feeling beat up or experiencing some type of joint pain or inflammation.

cycle it if you have reservations.