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Curcumin 500


Curcumin 500
by TC



what is this?


Roadhouse has lots of good lines!

And so on in that manner.




Curcumin. I knew there was a reason I love Indian food.


If this stuff helps me get my headaches under control I will convert from athiesm to Biotestianity.

Taken with food? On an empty stomach? Which is best?



I read something about curcumin about a year ago and forgot all about it until today. Seems interesting; I might just go ahead and order two ... do you have any testimonials from any of the staff that have used it? Nate Green, what's your take on it? Have you used it?


If you are taking other medications be sure to check with your doc about possible interactions.

"However, due to its effects on drug metabolism, piperine should be taken cautiously (if at all) by individuals taking other medications."


wish this stuff had been around a year ago when my back as fucked, oh well.


TC- I love your writing... but please don't knock Roadhouse.

Sam Elliott had at least ten lines that kick so much ass that every man should know them.


Great stuff, I like the price too. The stuff I've used before was 20 bucks or more a bottle.

I just ordered two bottles.

And TC, I think you misspelled Aleve. :slight_smile:


how would piperine affect the Beta Alenine I am taking?

Can I take an NSAID while I am taking this if my pain is really intense?


One thing I would like to comment on, curcumin works. I took it following a surgery, and I noticed that I healed faster and without as much pain.


did you read the article?


Fellas - due to my schedule I keep pretty quiet on the boards, but have to add in my appreciation on this one. This looks outstanding, and once again Biotest has created a product that speaks to a real need. As I've gotten older (37 now) inflammation and chronic use injuries are a real concern. It's bizarre to remember the days when I looked at the 'over 35 lifter' forum and thought that that was light years away.

Just to clarify a couple of thoughts:

1 - The MOA (mechanism of action) is nearly identical to the prescription Cox II's? (again, obviously the nasty side effects are negated)

2 - Clearly this should work wonders as a synergistic agent with Flameout, which bleeds into my other question - due to the health benefits of Circumin, is it appropriate to take daily, or should it only be taken for acute bouts of pain? Those with Chronic pain should be very thankful for this supplement.

Thanks again for a rock solid supplement - I would also think that this is a natural fit for anyone engaging in an intensity phase, as it should greatly assist with recovery, especially when combined with the existing Biotest Supplement Protocols.


I'm skeptical, but if it works as TC says, I'll be very excited.


If I'm not mistaken NSAID's are pretty notorious, as far as bodybuilding is concerned, for decreasing protein synthesis and the resulting hypertrophy because of the anti-inflammatory effect. I know there is some debate on whether or not this actually occurs, but it's one reason why I steer clear from stuff like tylenol, advil, aleve, etc.

Will this be any different?


A lot of evidence on curcumin and cancer treatment is starting to appear. Do a google search for MD Anderson and curcumin - or a search at mdanderson.org.

For a mainstream article summarizing a lot of this: http://www.menshealth.com/bestfoods/food_features/Indian_Gold.php

I've been taking this daily since my last bout with cancer -- and paying a LOT more than Biotest are charging. I've also recommended it to everyone I know who has or is facing cancer.

This one's a no brainer for me.



This is similar to the question I have. If taking daily, when is the best time to take? In the morning, at night, with food or not? Would it be best to take after a workout, or how should it be incorporated to para-workout nutrition, if at all?


About time! Been taking turmeric for a long time now, mainly for its general health benefits. The price seems right and it has piperine in it so I'll switch to this now for sure. :slight_smile: