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Curcumin 500: My Personal Experiences

OK, i have to give credit where its due on this. I have been struggling with back pain issues for a long time now, being treated by a good chiro and we are making progress. But i have been unable to do the things i love like deadlift and squat and such. I still need to avoid spinal compression for awhile but i was able to deadlift for the first time in months. No pain druing or after.

I had tried this on 800mg of ibuprofen, also had tried 800 mg of aleve. Neither worked. This stuff, for me at least, is the most potent anti-inflammatory that i have ever used. I hate taking pain meds but now i have one that i don’t ahve to worry about. YAY

Good to hear, man.

wow. very interesting. thanks for the post.
haven’t tried it yet, but will order a couple of bottle…

what was your dosing? And were you supplementing for a time with it before the workout, or was it more like ‘take a serving, 2 hours later lifted’.

standard dose 2 caps am 2 caps pm, took it for one day which was an off day, then my workout was the next day, so at that point i had taken a total of 6 caps, 4 the day before and then my 2 in the morning, followed the workout with my 2 pm caps…no soreness other than the good kind.

I think it is effective as a spot pain reliever jsut like you would take a couple of ibuprofen for…with my chronic condition i intend to take the full standard dose for a couple of months combined with my chiro therapy and see if i can beat this pain for good.

thanks for the feedback

I had about the same issue. I had knee pain for months and months, and advil and tylenol did nothing for it. Four doses of Curcumin 500 later, it’s gone and hasn’t been back.

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Good deal!

I just picked some up for my girlfriend. She had some inflammation that was causing pain in her chest. The doc had her run a course of Aleve, but that stuff is a menace on her stomach.

She’s still taking Aleve occasionally, so it’s definitely time to switch to Curcumin 500.

Just wanted to give a quick update:

My girlfriend has been using it since it came in and is loving it.

I’ve been dealing with some low back pain as of late, so I stole a few capsules and it was kindly knocked out.

Even though my experience is limited, this is good stuff.

Just looked for it in the store and can’t find it. Hope there is no problems with FDA BS.

I’ve used it twice a day one cap per dose and have have great results too. Two bulging disks and now far less pain

[quote]donald986 wrote:
Just looked for it in the store and can’t find it. Hope there is no problems with FDA BS.[/quote]

Mod Brian said in another thread that it should be back in stock in a couple of weeks.

I also have similar feedback. I am recovering from two ruptured discs. It has been a while and they have healed up fairly well but I still have lingering issues. Curcumin has provided me with significant improvement.