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Curb Your Enthusiasm


This is a thread for CYE only, no other TV shows. I just watched 3 episodes on demand...again...for the 4th time, and it just gets funnier.
My two cents:
-Though I love them all, the Krazee Eyez Killa episode is my favorite. "Muthafucka what the fuck?" hahahahaha
-Cheryl David is HOT
-I would bang Susie Greene just to hear her cuss at me.
-Though Larry drinks soy milk, can't change a tire, is unathletic, and probably lifts less than my 7 year old niece, I want to welcome him to the T community.


I wouldn't own a TV if CYE didn't exist. I can't live without that show. I own the DVD set for all the seasons (the ones that are available).

Larry is the master of cynicism and chagrin. It's so great to see him be able to "let loose" on HBO. Whereas Seinfeld was just a watered-down version of his true views on people and the world.


Funniest show I've ever seen.

Larry David is one of the funniest people I've ever seen, could be my dry/sick sense of humor.

Since I started watching CYE, I've always just wanted to go out to lunch with him, just cause it'd be funny.


I didn't have HBO until I moved out to Colorado, so I missed the first three seasons but started watching from Season 4 and have gone out and bought 1-3 on DVD. By far the funniest show out right now and one of the best shows of all-time.

And yeah, Cheryl is hot.


"Does anyone want to help a semi-retarded individual change a tire?"

"Yeah right here we got the floor. It's made of some....floor shit."

"Would you like to bury the plate? No its a little to early for burying..I do all my burying after my coffee."

"With all due respect, officer, you shaved your head voluntarily, so we don't consider you part of the bald community."

Haha just some great quotes from CYE.


And you can admit it, Chad, you want Cheryl and have a strange attraction to Susie Greene :wink:


My favourite show...I'm actually watching it now as I type. Anyways, my favourite episodes are:
-Crazy Eye Killa
-The one about the stereotype about black guys when David Schwimmer's dad cusses out Larry, lol
-When Larry pretends to be an orthodox Jew
-And of course, the episode about the wide vagina, haha.

Anyone know if there's a 6th season, or was the 5th one the last?


"Would it kill you to put a few more cashews in there?"


If you look at page 42 of the "eye candy for t-vixens/tilf" thread... The first picture of bigragoo makes him look like the guy who chases Larry down the hall with the cross on his shoulder.


After watching my first episode of CYE, I learned a couple things. Larry David is one of the most absurd individiuals I could imagine, and I can't ever go back to Seinfeld.


Honestly I prefer Seinfeld because I find Larry David kind of annoying.


Seinfeld plots would often begin like CYE plots. The characters, due to total selfishness as well as unusual circumstances, would get themselves into what seemed to be hopelessly deep holes of embarrassment and potential personal loss. On Seinfeld, generally, they would somehow miraculously get out, or the impact would be reduced in some way. On CYE, generally, Larry gets himself in deeper yet, then he shrugs his shoulders and the episode ends. That, to me, is much less interesting.


Actually, I knew a girl who was a spittin' image of Susie in every sense (except the girl I knew was younger). Knowing her cured me of ever wanting to be with a girl like Susie.


I know many who agree with your statement. Larry is the kind of guy who you either love or hate. CYE is a very polarizing show for that reason.


The pubic hair in the throat is still my favorite.


I share his character's dilemma with the "stop and chat." That is so unecessay sometimes.


I just want to hear her say "Jesse, you muscular two-eyed fuck do me right now" and then hear her nasally moan as we hate-fuck.


"You ate the manger scene!"-Cheryl

"I thought they were animal crackers!" -Larry

"Our lord and savior is not a monkey!" -Cheryl's sister