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Curb Your Enthusiasm


OMG OMGOMOGMOGMGOMGOGMGOMGOGM Curb you Enthusiasm is on Tomorrow so Excited. How the left the last Season I was liek wtf now im liek omg I cant wait. Plus Seinfield "Reunion" on the show gonna be epic

Yes I am as giddy as a school girl.


Thanks for the reminder! Thats definitely one of the best shows out right now.




Lrn to use your internet meme's retard. There is no crying in this thread only joy. However your thread was full crying or should i say Q_Qing


I've never watched more than ten seconds of Curb your Enthusiasm, but I'll still watch for the Seinfeld reunion.


Arguably the funniest show on cable. I just watched the last episode from last year. If they build on that, it'll be a classic season.


If you dont watch arrested development already, you should. It is equally as funny as curb... a different sort of humor though.

This is probably the best line in the show:


AD was the funniest show on TV and that scene was hilarious


Not a big Curb your enthusiasm fan, but AD is amazing. Definitely a must see.


Can't wait for tonight. Leon's coming back!!

He was the funniest part of last season.


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"Larry you got to get in that Asshole and tear shit up, tell that motherfucker Larry was here" - Leon


Leon's awesome, Ted Danson is a pretty sweet character as well.


Curbs fan all the way... ROFL @ 3:30




I never get to watch this show because i don't have HBO. I saw an episode at my brother's place where Larry was dating a doctor and he keeps telling this story about how some guy was calling black people n*****s and everytime he said it there happened to be a black person listening. It was soooo funny.


There is this thing called Google you should try using it sometimes.


Well, it was pretty good.

Based on Jeff's behavior in past episodes, and now the awful thing he did in last night's episode, I'd say he's really a perverted fat fuck. And it's only a matter of time until Suzie calls him that.



Anyone see it? Jeff does a total un-Jeff like thing, overall it was pretty good for a season opener.



Yeah. Read my post above yours.

You think it was un-Jeff of him?
It's totally Jeff-like! Remember in past episodes how he jacked off at Larry's house? Remember he admitted to Larry that he sometimes fantasizes about Cheryl while he jacks?