Curb Your Enthusiasm Finale

Did you guys like it? It was cool seeing the cast back together again. LOL at Larry playing George.

Having said that, I wish they would have included Funkhouser in it. That guy cracks me up.

I agree with Push.


The scene at the end… my heart was thumping for Larry. He would finally get that hot wife Cheryl back… just a kiss away! But then as I should have expected, Larry’s old neurotic self had to take over and blow it.


I love how he called Mocha Joe, Mocha Joe every time instead of just Joe, lol. I was hoping to see Leon in the finale.

That episode where Larry killed the swan literally had me in tears laughing. “Mr. Takahashi” deserves an emmy for that acting!

“You…you smart guy huh?”

“Umm, yes”

“You…no kill swan?”



Great episode…having said that, not as many laughs as previous ones but still a great plot.

btw elaine is super hot with those bangs towards the end.


I was thinking the whole time at the end “what do you mean does she respect wood?? She’s about to give you some right now!!! Just shut up!!!”

These big vagina ladies are gettin away with murder

The week before with Leon was the best of the season.

agree with the general consensus, earlier episodes were funnier but was still a good finale.