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Cup vs Gram vs Oz, Etc


So I have a question regarding all this American/English way of calculating things and then the metric system which I'm used to.

Seems like 1 cup is the way most people in here measure most things when it comes to food... so it's kinda nice to know what it is exactly.

All the time I see people here at T-Nation saying that you need 1 cup of broccoli, 1 cup of turkey meat etc. But what is 1 cup in grams? I found a conversion which says it's 225g which then again is also ½ a pint (dry) which again is equal to 8oz. Is that true?

I'm confused, the metric system seems so much easier in general, hehe.


A cup is a measure of volume, while grams are a measure of mass, so I’d stick with the 1/2 pint as a conversion unit. Or 250 ml, if that’s easier.


Not sure if you answered my question… so 1 cup is equal to 250ml?


yeh one cup is roughly 250ml, what you could do is what i did and just buy a set of cup measurers online makes things a lot easier. you can get em here



Ah perfect! Great advice, thanks a lot man.

REMEMBER for those of you who are NOT American, you should go to the Amazon.co.uk site to avoid getting extra taxes/VAT etc on the stuff you buy.


Usually, liquids or easily flowable solids, like grains, can be measured by volume. Most other solids like vegetables, fruits, and meat are more accurately measured by weight (or mass).

Regarding the metric system, I’m like weird. I measure my fruits and vegetables in grams and my meat and nuts in ounces.


Everybody should have this:



Very neat Tiribulus, great proggy.


[quote]JBR wrote:
Very neat Tiribulus, great proggy.[/quote]

I use it all the time. Nothing else even comes close for what it does and it’s free. Can’t lose.


Any time I come across a unit I can’t convert (all of them), I Google it. Any time someone posts their lifts in kg, highlight, right click, Search Google. I do have to type “to lbs”, but its easy to do.


1 cup is 250mL/g