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Cup recommended for racquetball??

Hey all, I was curious as to whether its a good idea to wear a cup for racquetball. I generally wear just a jock for most of my sports, but it seems to me perhaps I have been “playing with fire,” considering the ball can travel 100+ mph. Im thinking a cup is a better option. Any ideas? And would a so called “soft cup” be a good setup for protection and mobility?

I can’t believe you need to ask this question. Protect your boys.

I now agree. I’ll just get a regular hard cup and be done with it. Granted the chances of being hit in rball is low, but it only takes once… Now another question - which cup offers better mobility - normal hard cups or so-called “bannana” cups.

I wear a banana cup for racqetball and martial arts. I don’t like the old school baseball style cup because my boys need a roomy house. :slight_smile:

I have never had a problem with mobility, and even if I did, would likely just deal with it for the piece of mind that comes with knowing that my junk is secure.

I was looking at the bananna cups and they look like they may be longer but a bit skinnier, which could actually be better for mobility with large thighs in the way.

I don’t want to be unkind – but – if you have to ask that question, maybe you shouldn’t wear that cup after all. We’ve got a gene pool to protect here . . . Think of catching a racketball in the crotch as a Darwin Award of sorts, and you don’t even have to die to get it.

Worry not, I have seen the light. Just because a cup is considered overkill for racquetball by the majority of people is no reason for me and my buddy to risk our balls =P. I was hit their once, at slow speed. That was my “warning.” Im getting a cup.

I didn’t used to wear one for raquetball. I had a couple close calls with the ball, but nothing too bad. However, the raquet slipped out of my hand once, and since I had the wrist loop on, the raquet swung back and caught me right in the junk. Wear a fucking cup!