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Cup of Coffee... Inertia

My wife just recently aquired my addiction to strength and conditioning. She has made the commitment to change her lifestyle. Good for her, good for me, but that is just a little background on this post. She shared an observation with me this morning, that I would like to pass on...

Stir a cup of coffee, say clockwise. You'll see that it swirls in the direction you move the spoon. The more you stir, without changing the force you stir with, the faster the swirls go.
Now, change directions, stir counterclockwise. Nothing happens at first, you need to stir with a little force to get it going in the opposite direction. First, it kind of splashes, for a moment it almost stands still, then, after some effort, the swirls reverse. Now, even when you take the spoon out, the swirls continue to move in this new direction.

Compare that to our training. Think of the first direction, say clockwise as our bad habits. Years of poor diet and inactivity, energy spent going in the wrong direction.
To correct that requires a great deal of force. Just getting off of that couch and going to the gym, those first baby steps, requires a tremendous amount of mental effort. And at first, nothing happens. You get sore, but results don't come quickly.
Eventually though, things click. Progress is real, visible, measurable. That energy is moving in the right direction. Instead of the gym being something you dread during the day, it is a high point. Although the workouts never get any easier, the lifestyle pretty much keeps itself going on it's own.

No real point to this post, just a moment of zen we had over breakfast. I just wanted to share it.


I finally found a dealer for acid. Sweet, do you ship to CT? Thanks.

Ha, kidding. Good analogy.


So what you're saying is...I should drink more coffee? Good idea!


wow what was you having with your coffe space cakes?

I would have to be proper stoned to find a relationship between stirring a coffee and going to the gym.

reminds me of the time we spent 6 hours tsalking about why vinegar keeps rising to the top of ketchup, happy days :slight_smile:


I actually like that analogy.


I actually enjoy posts like this, so thanks.




Change is hard.


It seems I'm not the only one who has conversations about stuff like that.


I'm going to use that. Thanks.


If it's a cappuccino, the foam doesn't move as fast as the coffee underneath, if you know what I mean. Sometimes, it barely moves. This fucks with my head and makes the voices louder.



Everyone knows that it's the cinnamon on the foam that gives move to the swirl. Sheeeesh!