Cup - Equivalent Metric Measure Please!

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I live in the United Kingdom and I have to admit I have no idea how big a “Cup” of something is and I see it quoted on most nutrition / supplement articles etc from the US. This measurement is usually quote when measuring out how much Brocoli or Blueberries etc someone should have when eating a portion for a meal or in one’s daily diet.

I was wondering whether someone could quantify in grams or ounces what the equivalent to “one cup” of something is please. Sorry if the question sounds funny but I have no idea!


1 cup = 229.92 grams

Here’s a little converter if you need to figure out anymore.

Let’s see if I’m doing this right…
There are 2 cups/pint, 2 pints/quart, 4 quarts/gallon. Now we know that there are 3.78 liters/gallon… and 16 cups/gallon. That means that there are 3.78/16 liters/cup or .24 liters/cup. I guess you could round off and say 1 cup is equal to .25 liters. Of course that is volumetric measurement only. Now if you are measuring something like broccoli that would not work, unless you had a .25 liter measuring cup.

Cups and ounces don’t really relate although a cup is almost always equated with 8 ounces of liquid. Most folks, I think probably take that to mean that 8 ounces of anything is equal to one cup. However, be careful because, depending on the density of the stuff you are measuring, 8 ounces of different things looks not at all the same. For example, 8 ounces of broccoli would take up way more space on your plate than say 8 ounces of something more dense like yogurt and less room on your plate than something less dense like fresh spinach. Good Luck.

Just as a point of note, our Gallon is 4.45 litres or 8 pints and a Pint is 568ml. So if a British Person drinks a gallon of milk, he drank more than his Stateside brethren.

Basicly 1 cup of liquid is 250 mL, or 1 cup of solid is 250 g.
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