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Culver City, CA

Can anybody tell me anything about Culver City, CA? I asked about a transfer to California at work the other day, and Culver City was mentioned.

It’s a shitty neighborhood in LA.

Zev has no idea what he is talking about.

Culver City is a GREAT city in LA. It’s clean, diverse, and safe.

What specifically do you want to know about Culver City?

Well, Striker, I’d like to know if I can feel safe there, really. Also, I was wondering if it’s a nice place, or if it has a reputation for being trashy? I know it’s smaller than some of LA’s other cities… should this mean anything to me? I can garauntee that any information you think might be helpful will be :wink: …And thanks for the positive response, by the way; refreshing to hear optimism these days… -Dan

Culver City is a very nice place to live (no, I don’t live there, but I live close by). It’s not trashy at all. Be prepared, if you do transfer, housing costs in the Greater LA area are exhorbitant. Where do you live now?

What she-ra said is pretty accurate. I don’t know where you are living now, but you should make sure you adjust your expectations to an increased housing price. A good 1 bedroom apartment in Culver runs from 900-1300.

Culver City is a very clean city, and you would be very safe there.

Go to the Fox Hills mall, (now renamed Westside somethingorother), for lunch breaks, and check out the food court, which is my favorite food court. They actually have lifter friendly food there, I prefer the kabobs from the middle eastern stand. Dinah’s on Sepulveda is also great home cookin’ type food. There are many excellent restaurants there.

Keep in mind that there are many cities around Culver City also that you could live in, but I wouldn’t look far, since I think Culver City is one of the better cities in that area.

Marina Del Rey is right next to it, and it’s right on the ocean, but is more expensive of course because of that.

I doubt this means anything to you, as your question pertains to a living situation rather than bodybuilding, but I do know that Culver City, CA is where the original Westside Barbell was located before it was moved to Columbus, OH by Louie Simmons. Just a tidbit of trivia for the powerlifting buffs :wink:

$900-1300?!! I live in Tempe, AZ right now, and I thought I was paying too much rent as it is! Well, regardless, thanks you two! That was a great help. …Just out of curiosity (as I really want to move to LA), are there any less-expensive cities in LA County that are also safe and clean? (Here I go getting picky :wink: )

Hi Dan,

By Phoenix standards (which is one of the cleanest places in the country in my opinion), LA County isn’t consistently clean across the board. Some places are just outright neglected and abysmally dirty (the industrial areas in particular). Other cities have manicured lawns and not a spec of dirt to be found.

Most of LA County has long been fully developed (often without a managed blueprint) for well over 30 years, so if you equate “new” with “clean,” you’re probably going to have to do some shopping around. Or think about residing in Orange County, or some of the east desert suburbs. Orange County is very clean, and South Orange County around Irvine is nearly spotless and brand new. Orange County is slightly more expensive than LA County, though. The eastern desert suburbs are clean, safe, and affordable, but you are looking at a longer commute time if you locate out there.

Downtown and Hollywood are affordable (I’ve lived both places), but I don’t think the words clean or safe apply to either. You can literally feel the evil in the air in parts of Hollywood, I am not kidding. They are affordable and close to businesses, however.

I’m just going to list some cities in the County that I consider to be clean and safe.

The entire South Bay is clean and safe, and probably affordable: El Segundo, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Torrance, and Redondo Beach. Out of those, Torrance and Redondo Beach are the most affordable in terms of finding apartments. Houses is a different ballgame in those areas.

There are also many suburbs around Long Beach which are safe and more affordable, Cerritos and Lakewood come to mind.

However, most of the cities in LA County are a mixed bag, all of them have really nice neighborhoods which are clean if you look hard enough. I guess the key is that they are really inconsistent, but if you shop around, you may find a bargain. I live in a really rich area, but I got lucky and found a cheap apartment, I have no idea how they get away with charging this amount in this area.

The thing is that everyone disses LA for being unsafe, but ironically, some of the safest cities in America are in Southern California.


You might want to get a map and pinpoint where your job would be and then get familiar with the surrounding cities, I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about an area.

Oh, I forgot to add the Pasadena/Glendale/Burbank area and many areas in the valley are usually pretty safe and affordable.

Parts of the San Fernando Valley are less expensive, but you’ll be in for a commute through horrendous traffic. The Valley is also hot and smoggy in the summer. You should have your company fly you to LA for a visit to check out where you’d be working and what you’ll be doing in Culver City and to look at housing. I sure hope they are increasing your salary if you transfer so you can afford to live here. Of course, increase in salary = more income taxes. We pay state taxes too. But then again, you may really like it here. There’s a real emphasis on health and fitness and outdoor life in Southern California (please don’t call it “Cali”). Smoking is against the law in work places, public buildings, restaurants and bars. It’s easy to eat healthy in restaurants, there are lots of whole food markets, gyms all over the place, ethnic restaurants (Oaxacan-mmm)and of course, the beach! Lots of hotties too, if you’re single. Then there’s that Hollywood thing, if that’s your speed. Hollywood IS seedy although there are always attempts at putzing it up. Good luck with your decision.

I’m sitting here smiling: Striker and she-ra, you have managed to make something that at first had seemed dreadfully unknown into something that has become adventurous and exciting. Thank you for giving me somewhere to start, an idea of what to expect, and a greater sense of security and relaxation; you both floor me on your willingness to help a stranger. If I have any more questions, I will be sure to run them across you two… as for now, you have given me plenty to get busy on. Thank you; you both rock. -Dan

You are welcome Dan, glad to see you can use the information. Feel free to ask any more questions in the future.

I know I am a little late in getting in on this post but I just wanted to say that I moved to LA 2 1/2 years ago and I love it. you can find some decent deals in the Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Encino areas, that are convenient, a little nicer, and closer to the westside so your commute is not quite as bad. I paid $550 for a guest house in studio city when I first moved here. Also the NoHo are of north hollywood is decent, relatively safe, kind of artsy-trendy-cool but still reasonable (as far as LA goes). Anyway, I work in the real estate industry in a very round about way so when you are ready I would be happy to hook you up with some property owners/managers who won’t totally try to screw you.