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Cultural Items for Cleveland/Northeast Ohio


I have been asked to compile a list of cultural items that make the Cleveland/Northeast Ohio area of the country unique. So far all I can come up with is that we love shitty sports teams, it isnt uncommon to see someone carrying a pocket knife (i call it hilbilly bling), we play a card game called euchre, we play a lot of pool/fish, and (correct me if this is a nationwide thing) we love Rolling Rock beer. I think we have a mix of a bunch of pittsburgh and detroit cultures in some ways. I live in Youngstown and when I am at college in Pittsburgh, I notice that there isnt really much of a cultural difference (steel towns?). Any input/additions?





Burning lakes.


Empty Trophy Case.


Corn huskers would be an upgrade?

...now it's personal.

Nah but in all seriousness, if you're doing a report about Ohio, just talk about how everything there is slightly less good than it is in Michigan, and you'll get an A.


How do you forget these, courtesy of Parma? Dated a girl from Parma when I was in school. Dirty, dirty, dirty...


Polish boy. Sandwich not the human being.


hmm cleveland...

no lebron
no jobs
desolate streets
moses cleveland
countless number of homeless people
no lebron

for references look up the cleveland tourism video on youtube...


There are people still in Ohio?


what is ohio?


lebron left... therefor ohio has been claimed by its neighboring states... there are now 47 states in the continental US and 49 states in the union


^ Lol. Im from East Tennesse and have some family in Ohio. Not a pretty state.


but srsly... outside of columbus no where else in ohio is inhabitable... cleveland is next to detroit in overall city depression...


Christmas Ale?


Squiggles: In MI we used to LOVE making fun of the inbreds in West Virgina, how they don't wear shoes and whatnot.


Great Lakes Beer is a plus.

How about vintage uniforms of the sports teams. Every team has their glory years.



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