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Culotte Steak!

Everyone know Ribeye Steaks are the best steaks. They’re better than T-Bone, way better than NY. Filet Mignon? You’ve gotta be kidding.

I used to eye the Ribeye Steaks at my local butcher, but at over 12 bucks a pound I had to pass. One day, though, I noticed these very lean and red looking steaks for only 7 bucks right next to the Ribeye. I asked the butcher if they were tender, she said yes. I asked if they were flavorful and she said she’d never been disappointed yet.

This sounded like a good deal to me so I got four. They were in fact really good almost as good as the rib at lower cost and no fat to trim. They are kind of small but my 6 year old only eats about a third and the baby only eats about two thirds, so with their leftovers I get about 2 whole steaks.

We now get these steaks all the time. The other day we finally had weather good enough for the BBQ. We rubbed on Costco’s Kirkland brand Steak Rub before grilling and they were so damn good! If you ever see these steaks, get 'em. You won’t be disappointed.

Isn’t that jut sirloin with less marbling? never tried it.

[quote]robo1 wrote:
Isn’t that jut sirloin with less marbling? [/quote]

Dun know but it’s good