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Cuisine: Sticky Eggs

Aside from hard/soft boiling eggs, I’m looking for some tips on how to cook whole eggs without them sticking to the pan and also without adding extra oil.
I know Pam spray is a scam, so I’d like to hear other alternatives.

Buy a good pan.

non stick pan, or those plastic omlete maker things that go in the microwave.
or the Rocky shake…

poach your eggs

Pam works pretty good on my frying pan used it all the time when I was dieting. Also, you can use a little olive oil too.

Spray the pan with Pam and make sure the pan is heated before you put the eggs in, even if it’s non-stick.

If you have decent cookware, nothing will stick. Invest in a decent frying pan and you won’t have any problems. Ditch the oils etc.