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Cues On Kirk Shrugs?

Any cues on Kirk shrugs?
I feel unsure about how to start the movement (shrugging vs pulling with arms) and about the position of the shoulders as well (neutral Vs externally rotated) and of the body (upright Vs slight bent over).

Moreover, what rep range does it lend well to?

Strat with a shrug, Shrug the bar to around your waist. Then upright row, pulling the bar higher with your arms, still squeezing your traps. Shoot for your belly button. Try to hold the bar up at the top briefly.

Your shoulders will be “neutral.” But they will rotate internally near the top and externally rotate back towards neutral as you lower. Don’t Fight against it or you’ll grind your shoulders up.

I think these are better for higher reps, 10-12+. Too heavy and you can’t get the bar high or squeeze it at the top. It’s pretty normal to start to lean forward and sway a little to get the reps.

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