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Cueing the Meadows Row

I’ve heard plenty about these being awesome, and want to start using them a bit more in my training. Unfortunately, I really struggle getting a decent mind-muscle connection with them. What type of cues do you use?

You have to get into the stretch and create tension in the back first. Take your time in the stretch position on every rep until you are consciously aware of the muscles in your back.

When you pull, try thinking about “pulling your back towards the bar” instead of pulling the bar towards you.

Lower while keeping tension on the back.


Some activation tips from the man himself.


I love that lat activation/shoulder extension move that Meadows shows first. It works great before all kinds of rows and even shrugs.

Single Arm rows and pulldowns on some kind of cable are cool too. The constant tension and slower movement of the cable helps me develop the Stretch, Tension and Awareness that dt mentioned.


Alright cheers. I’ll lighten up a bit and spend more time stretched. I really need to buy some straps.

Will do. What elbow angle should I be going for?

Awesome stuff, thanks so much

I’ll give these a go warming up for the Meadows row, cheers

No problem, is it this specific exercise you struggle getting a connection with or is it lats in general?

Would you say your arms take over too much?

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I struggle with an MMC on this exercise more so than others, although I’ve never had a lat contraction as strong as what I just had with that drill. My problem with Meadows Rows is that I tend to feel my rear delt/teres doing more work than my lats. Looking back over some of John’s coaching videos, I think it could be foot position. I’m probably standing too far away from the end of the bar.

The angle you are most comfortable with.

For the Meadows Row, you would want pull the bar to your sternum. The objective is to hit the lats and the muscles above them so you should feel the tension in these areas while just holding the bar at the bottom position. You should also retract your shoulder blades while doing them.

If you want to solely target the lats, the One-arm Barbell Row would be better.

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