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Cube Method Tester Log

Hey all I was lucky enough to get a spot I’m Brandon Lillys cube method tester group and was told to log my progress…quick background on me…started really focusing and dedicating my training to powerlifting after a long layoff in about April I’m starting on week 2 of the cube because after my bench day I pulled my trap and was out for a week so Brandon said just start week 2 and that’s what I will do…today was de deads so here it is

235+doubled minis for 1 set of 10 reps I took about 5-10 seconds between reps

235 Snatch grip 4" block pulls for 1 set of 20 (this absolutely sucked a big dick)

Olympic squats
Was supposed to do bb shrugs but wanted to give the trap a few more days
Lat pulldowns
Back raises
Neck work and abs

It felt good to be back after a week and a half off, trap felt good

On a side note I started my 2nd cycle today
500mg t-e/week split 250 mon 250 thurs
50mg dbol for weeks 1-4
Hcg weeks 1-10
Ghrp6 and nolva pct

Any questions on the cube method ill try to answer my bench reps log will be up Wednesday if my.house doesn’t get destroyed by this hurricane