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Cube Method Book


I'm trying to get my hands on the latest Cube book. I think its finally time I try it. But, the Juggernaut website doesn't seem to sell it. Anyone know where I can buy it?

I fb messaged Brandon Lilly but I figure he's a busy guy so it could take a while to get a response.

I actually want to buy the book, I've got too much respect for the author to want some free version.


Is there a new edition?

Amazon has the first edition.


@Rednose I thought there was the Kingpin and then Predator versions? I've seen the original, might go ahead and get it as its cheap as.


@Rednose I went and got the first edition. I like it, a bunch of the semi philosophical stuff exactly mirrors thoughts I've had myself.

The really funny thing is that when I read through the actual programming side of it a few times I realised the way I train now is almost identical. That isn't a surprise I suppose since when I was setting out my programming I did model bits of it on what I knew of the Cube method from the powerliftingtowin review.

I expected there to be a bit more explanation of selection of assistance work, to be honest. I can see how it is set out, I think, and again the way I'm currently doing my assistance is really similar.

Either way, I'm counting it as 10 AUD well spent. There isn't enough of a difference between my own current setup and then Cube that I'm going to change anything though. The main reason I was interested was that shortly I think I'll have an extra day per week to train and I wasn't sure how well my own system would adapt after I set out a provisional cycle but hot damn if it doesn't end up looking a lot like Cube anyway.


A search for The Lilliebridge manual, brings up a couple of good pdf's from Juggernaut.

There is the 365 strong book, but I could not find it anywhere for sale.

My coach has me running the cube, and its been a shock to my system to say the least.


If you want to see an sample of cube(kingpin) programming, 365strong has it. IIRC 365 was basically the original cube book with better programming examples and explanations. You could also take a look on the JTS site for chad wesley smiths "juggercube" program. He released it as an article i think, so it's free.


Gotcha. Thanks. I will admit that I didn't find the explanation of the programming too easy to follow in the book.

Especially with using different ROM versions of bench and DL as main movements I was a bit hazy about the logic behind it. I understand how it could work but you'd have to know yourself as a lifter really, really well to program the right exercises to get anything out of it. That's pretty much why I read the book, liked some of the ideas and then bought 531.

As far as I can tell Cube really is more of a good adaptation of Westside for raw lifters.


That's exactly how it came across to me, a raw adapted conjugate style system. The cube kingpin program lays out like this: Main lift(usually competion lift), a secondary lift that's a variation of the comp lift, a tertiary lift that is still a variation of the comp lift, then some relevant accessory stuff. So bench day would be bench, close grip, and then pause bench or something along those lines. The cube predator stuff i never looked into very much, so idk what it really is. I really like the layout of Chad Wesley Smith's program much more than i did the cube, but i don't have as much experience with it. Cube kingpin kind of jumbles hypertrophy days in with general strength days and "speed/explosive" days, whereas CWS sets up full hypertrophy blocks, general strength, and then a peak if necessary. As old as Jug 2.0 is, it looks like a solid system, I've just never ran into anyone that really ran it. Sorry, sometimes i ramble on.


Agree juggernaut is great but I wouldn't use it for powerlifting (well, it's better than the options some take).

Chad's Championship program is excellent- 5 days per week though, so could scare off many folks



Good information. Honestly, the thing that I noticed the most in terms of difference between Cube and 531 is that Cube doesn't do much to make life easy in terms of setting out the program. Sure, you get your main lift sets and reps and your progression, but then you still have to faff around with what bench and DL variations to pick, what assistance, etc. With 531, at most you have to pick a couple of assistance exercises.

I know that makes me come across as lazy, but of I'm using a program someone else has written I want to have minimal mental input into it. Otherwise, I might as well just keep writing my own program.

I can probably sum it up best by saying that I read Cube twice and the programming part thrice and was nowhere near setting out even the first week. I read 531 once and within an hour had twelve weeks' worth of training set out, including the assistance work I picked for myself.

Granted, for someone who thrives on high volume maybe neither option is good but for me who works best with moderate to low volume 531 looks like such a great way to learn how to separate the training wheat from the chaff it isn't funny.