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cuban press

I am having issues with the cuban press. I do it with dumbells and it is usually one of my last exercises I do on my wednesday workouts. I dont really understand how to do it. DO you swing the db’s up or move them in a circluar fashion?

I may be doing them wrong, but I only move at the elbow. My arm is at a 90 degree angle at the elbow facing down. In a controlled manner I move it to a 90 degree angle facing up, only rotating at the elbow. Hope that makes sense.

I start w/ my arms down in front of my body. Pinch your rear delts together while raising your elbows to shoulder height. Then externally rotate the db to form an ‘L’ shape w/ your arm. Coach Davies has a couple of articles with a good description and pictures. I think his Fat to Fire and Renegade Bodybuilding programs use this movement. It’s a killer.

At the bottom of the article there are sequential photos of the Cuban press. You start with the db in front of you then retract your shoulder blades then proceed with the steps in the pic. And yes they are included in most of Coach D’s programs as shoulder injury prevention.