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I thought Cuba deserved its own thread.



There are gonna be a LOT of unhappy expats in FLA.

They will look at it as giving in to the Castro's.

I just want the cigars. But it will take an act of congress to bring full relations with them.


We have been stuck in the cold war for so long with Cuba I'm personally good with this step. I agree on Congress, but its time to get on with thawing relations, IMO.


I can justify the embargo to a point, but after 50 years all we have succeeded in doing is hurting the people and creating a balck market for fine cigars in the US. Cuba is still totalitarian regime, but I think "blue jean diplomacy" is what is needed for change. Get them hooked on Levi and McDonalds and they'll be protesting and we'll see a Cuban Spring in a few years.


It won't do shit for the average Cuban citizen.


Maybe not right away


I don't see how it could make it any worse. Although they do have some pretty sweet classic cars to drive.



My suspicion is most people in the U.S. don't give a shit about relations with Cuba one way or the other except for a few swing voters in Florida.


This is about damned time!

Should have happened decades ago. I agree with this step, but I really despise how he got there (releasing the Cuban 5? and a spy??). Everything else I'm good with. Blue jean diplomacy is a great step.



I agree with that article. Also, we trade with China and the Saudis. So Cuba's "human rights record" for sure isn't the reason for the embargo.


I'll bet Senator Cruz is gonna get loud about this....if only to pacify his constituents.


If he does he only proves without doubt why he is unfit for the Presidency.


Well in fairness, his job is to represent the people who elected him to the U.S. Congress.

If they are pissed, he is obligated to say something.


So Cuba gets full diplomatic relations, while not renouncing any of their principals, keeping liberty again under Castro's boot.

Hmmm, sound like a win for Cuba.

And sounds like Obummer's typical concession foreign policy.


Pardon me if I'm incorrect. I never understood the whole embargo on Cuba for being communist, given the trade relations with China, which has an equally appalling human rights record. I don't know enough on the history between US and Cuba, but it seemed vindictive because of the failed Bay of Pigs event. This might not be correct, so feel free to elucidate any errors in my understanding.


I think that is going to be Cruz's main complaint.


You should read the article I posted.

China has an abominable human rights record, and is communist, and we trade with them as well as South American gov'ts.


And the Left correctly bitches about trade with China.

Two wrongs do not make it right. At least we could be a little correct on the issue.

That said, the Left has long had a love affair with communist murderers and tyrants who have a sexy Latin flair. So what the Castros were butchers that would have made Mengele jealous?!@ Castro had sex with Barbara Walters! He's cool! He has a beard! He sticks it to the white man!

Valarie Jarrett (the real POTUS) had a framed picture of so-sexy Che Gueverra in her office behind her desk as she worked for the Obama campaign. I suppose the Castros are the next best thing to her star-crossed love.

So capitulating to communist murderers should come to no surprise.

It's just the "hip" thing to do in the ivy-lined wombs in which he was formed. And Obama governs according to what is "hip" and "cool."


His father, who was tortured and beaten by the Castros (and actually also Batista), probably has more to say.