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Cub Fan Blunder

Dumbfuck of the year award…hands down

Avoids Roids,

I used to feel guilty about video games – that I was too old, they were too expensive, etc. However, I don’t drink, party excessively, or have any other vices or hobbies (besides lifting, which is more of a lifestyle). My buddies and I get together on occasion and play Halo until our eyes bug out of our heads. Our wives think we’re crazy, but then again we have wives. We did the “gotta go curl in the squat rack because it’s Friday night and I gotta put on my tight black t-shirt and go stand next to the dance floor at the local bar” thing. Now we can relax and do what we actually enjoy.

I guess video games are like: model trains, gardening, stamp collecting, fantasy football playing, card collecting, reading, scrap booking, knitting, etc. Just something we do to pass the time until we die.

It was ruled no fan interference. The guy was stupid to try for it. The Cubs are stupid to blame a foul ball for an 8 run inning. If it had of landed in the stands, would they have given up 8 runs? What would they have blamed it on then… pigeon shitting on the ball, causing the sinker not to sink? The Paper was stupid for printing this guy’s info. Is there anyone with an IQ above 50 in this whole scenario?

I say the still should fuck him up to send a message. Don’t fuck with the game. You are a spectator, so fucking spectate.


"There are few words to describe how awful I feel and what I have experienced within these last 24 hours.

I’ve been a Cub fan all my life and fully understand the relationship between my actions and the outcome of the game. I had my eyes glued on the approaching ball the entire time and was so caught up in the moment that I did not even see Moises Alou, much less that he may have had a play.

Had I thought for one second that the ball was playable or had I seen Alou approaching I would have done whatever I could to get out of the way and give Alou a chance to make the catch.

To Moises Alou, the Chicago Cubs organization, Ron Santo, Ernie Banks, and Cub fans everywhere I am so truly sorry from the bottom of this Cubs fan’s broken heart.

I ask that Cub fans everywhere redirect the negative energy that has been vented towards my family, my friends, and myself into the usual positive support for our beloved team on their way to being National League champs."

I think that the Cub fan did nothing wrong, what a pussy ass statement. I would not be apologizing if I were him.

Hey man, don’t call the guy a pussy for trying to protect his family. I doubt you’d be a tough guy if you had an entire city hating you because you tried to catch a foul ball. I hope he sues the Sun Times and moves his family to Florida.

Maybe people are pissed at this fan, but the Cubs did suck pretty bad that inning. Who knows if Alou even would have caught the ball. Anyway go Cubs tonight.

He did nothing wrong though. I didn’t see the guy right next to him apologizing on SportsCenter today. The guy needs to toughin up a bit and stand up for what he did…which is nothing wrong. He’s being critized, heckled and degraded by fans, security guards…even the fucking governor. You’ve got to stick up for yourself everyone in a while.

Yes, the fan made a mistake seeing as how it was a catchable ball and he supposedly supports the home team.

Even then, it wasnt the be all and end all.
We have to face it, the cubs farked it up. They had it in their grasp, and became overconfident. Then they gave up too easily.

First they get dead bat disease in a shutout. Next they get sloppy, and in last night’s game they gave up again.

One thing I have to say is I dont think dusty baker can get the job done. Seen it time and time again, the guy does fine in regular season due to having so many games to overshadow mistakes, but get him in vital games and he farks it up. He overmanages, and then undermanages to compensate. His instincts about when to remove pitchers or leave them in are about as bad as it gets.

Just compare it on both sides for a good example. Florida makes switches and most of the time it ends up good. Cubs made switches and most times it was sh*t.
Same story last year with the giants, and also the same story the previous time I recall giants getting into playoffs with dusty. He either just has no intuition whatsoever or he manages strictly based on stats or something. Just seems to be missing that certain ability that winning managers have. Very much reminds me of the vikings former coach dennis green in how he was good, but just didnt have it for the big game.

This guy has hired bodyguards after the press released his name. I’m sorry, but some people take their sports way, way too seriously.

I realize that “fan” is short for fanatic, but come on. The outcome of a game shouldn’t affect your life to the point you want to harm a guy for catching a foul ball – and he didn’t even reach into the field of play to do so. I’m sorry the Cubbies lost – would’ve loved to see them in the Series – but people should really just leave the guy to wallow in his own self-deprecation.

I think this sums it up nicely…