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Cub Fan Blunder

Man oh man,
I feel soooooooo bad for that guy who interferred with the foul ball last night. It def looked like Alou would have caught that ball. But in all honesty, I think it was a natural human reaction. A ball is coming at you. Of coarse you are going to try to catch it! I don’t know, its a tough call. Alot of people are saying that since he was a Cubs fan, that he should of not gone for the ball…but I think it was just a normal instinctive reaction. But yeah, he must feel like a complete ass today. Did you take the day off from work Rumbach??? Its okay buddy. Wood is pitching tonight. Lets hope the black cat doesn’t return!..;o)

You know what, people are saying that they feel for the guy cuz he got beer dumped on him and people were yelling at him. Screw that, if you’re sitting in the front row of the stands, you have to think to yourself “gee, a ball might come my way.” Didn’t this moron think about what he would do if that happened? Some people are so dense. The players have to think about what they’re going to do in various situations with every pitch, is it that much to ask for a fan to let his own team make a play on the ball?

no other explanation…the curse again!

Here is more info on the guy, needless to say, he didn’t come into work:


yeah, scrub, it is too much. Been to a game lately? There are so many fucking idiots out there. I see people get hit with foul balls all the time because they aren’t paying attention. Hell, I was a Braves spring training game 2 years ago. If I wasn’t paying attention, my fiancee would’ve had a broken face. I broke my finger for catching it barehanded, but a pretty face and foul ball are well worth it.

The Chicago Sun Times printed the name, employer and neighborhood of the fan (who, technically didn’t interfere because the ball was in the stands. If he’d done the same thing to a Flub’s fowl ball he’d have been a hero). What a totally stupid and classless thing to do. If anything happens to this guy I hope he hits back hard. First amendment my ass.

I agree Scrub, just as long as you’re not one of the people who are blaming this guy for why the Cubs lost! I just think that is ridiculous

I can’t believe the paper gave this guy’s information out. That’s very intelligent. The media is gay.

Im from Miami, so I couldnt of been any happier. That said, the Sun Times are assholes and should be sued for releasing the guy’s personal info. If he gets hurt or killed by some psycho Cubs fan if they lose game 7, all hell is gonna break loose. I hate the fucking “media.”

Wankster, yeah I go to games all the time. There are always going to be idiot fans, but the fact that this is the Cubbies finally getting a chance to win it all is what makes it worse. You hate to see some bonehead fan hurt their chances, which is what he did. Yes, line drives coming at your face, put your hand up. But when a weak fly ball is coming toward you and you’re in the front row, you should just assume that the fielder is going to make a play on the ball. If it were a Marlins player, I say catch it. But this dude was an adult with a Cubs hat on. You’ve got to do better than that if you really give a rat’s ass about your team.

But this shit about his name and address being published…that is just sick. I hope he sues the hell out that paper. Whoever printed that stuff deserves to get bitch slapped. Yeah, the guy had his head up his ass, but now he’s gonna get death threats and that is fucked up.

TonyG: I’m not putting the loss solely on that guy, but he definitely hurt their chances. That would have been the second out which means no tag up from third on the fly ball to Sosa, which would have made it a tie or a 1 run game, can’t recall. But you’re right, the Cubs did have plenty of opportunities to close the door and they didn’t. I think they should have left Prior in the game.

This guy is getting blamed and talked about in just about everything I have read. How come no one is blaming the Cubs for blowing that kind of a lead. The loss is on the Cubs, not the fan. I hope all those idiots leave this guy alone.

that news paper is as smart as that guy !!

But, it serves the sport of baseball right !!.. those mutherfuckers going on strike awhile back, thinking they’re not making enough money, etc…etc…etc… which in turn, screws the fans by charging outrageous prices for tickets and concessions… it’s about time that the fans screwed the players for once.( just hate to see it happen this way)

How about they publish the names and addreses of the entire front row, as they all had their hands out. One guy was (un)lucky enough to actualy get a finger on it.

Apparently his name is now officially “that freakin guy.” I just heard something on ESPN radio that made me laugh. The caller said, “is there a new rule that says that if a fan touches a foul ball then the other team gets 8 runs?” haha

definitely agree, brider.

I also agree that it was unfair and out of line to publish his name and info. The sun-times should get sued for this.

It’s not his fault. The Cubs blew the lead. I didn’t see it happen, but could fan interference have been called?

I cant believe the paper would do such a thing! That is so asanine! Well, maybe this guy will get a big load of cash out of the deal!

I dont think interference could have been called at all. Sure Alou would have caught the ball, but the ball WAS in the stand…its not like the guy reached over the railing and went for the ball.

It’s an interesting aspect of “free press” that allows newspapers to print peoples names. The Toledo Blade used to print the names of rape VICTIMS if it was a big court case. This "the public has a right to know is a load of crap.

I think this fan will be able to sue the Cubs and win. Here’s my rationale. In the post game interview, the first thing Dusty Baker said was “we’ll after the fan interference . . .”, as if to say that was the reason they lost. So here is the guy who was hired to run the on field operations blaming a - at that point - nameless fan. Then everyone in Chicago assumes this guy cost them the game.

First of all, Dusty Baker lied. There was no fan interference. So call it defamation of character or something like that. Secondly, aren’t the Cubs owned by the Sun Times? If not it is another major Chicago Newspaper. That was the reasoning many gave for why the Cubs have sucked for so long. The company made lots of cash off the team because they always sold out their games. What incentive did they have to pay what it takes to put together a winning team? As it is they made it this far on the strength of two pitchers under 25.

I’m not making excuses for him. He shouldn’t have touched the ball. But let’s call for some perspective. This isn’t important - the Cubs could go another 100 years without a World Series title and we’ll all survive just fine.

For his sake, I hope he’s a single guy in his mid 20s who still lives with his parents. Imagine if he’s married. My wife thinks I’m a loser because all I do is work, work out, and play video games. What if I came home and had to tell her we have to move, I just cost the Cubs the world series?

Cynical, I hate to tell ya Spud but it sounds like your wife is right.

If that one guy didn’t touch the ball, the ones around him would have. When I hear people say “THAT guy who interfered” and then saw the video, I laughed.