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CT's Trap Bar


The one he uses in all his live spill vids...who makes that? I want one, regular trap bars are too short for me to get enough weight on them with my fat bumper plates.


it's called a Dead-Squat bar, instead of a trap bar. I think Biotest is going to sell them soon.


sooner rather than latter then i hope!

new york barbells sells a "mega shrug bar" which is an extra long version of a trap bar, 63" as opposed to 54", but that would only let me get like one more 25kg plate on...

I want one of thosed "dead-squat" bars!


Trap bars annoy me for multiple reasons. That being said, I find the dead-squat bar quite appealing.



not sure what the difference is other than you can load a lot more plates on it. thats all I need it for,

I have always thoght the trap bar was bullshit, just a way for bro's to be able to put more weight on the bar than they can do in a real deadlift,

my recent injuries to my neck, knees and achiles, squating and leg pressing are troublesome, as are barbell deadlifts, the trap bar has been one of the few ways I can lift some decent weight in a "real" lift without aggrevating above said injuries.


I have two grievances with the trap bar.
1. The issue of low bar length that is addressed in this thread.
2. My setup is always offset the center of the trap bar leading to the bar leaning forward or back. Really annoying.




I have a 6ft Marcy Hex bar, the handles are higher than on a trap bar, though, even using just 15kg plates It'll hold 270KG+. With just 25kg plates It'd probably hold more than pretty much any mere mortal could hold onto. Could be worth a look.


OH man I was hoping "CT's Trap Bar" was going to be a great place to have a drink with like-minded T Nationers.


I thought the "T" stood for Thailand...and you know the rest.


I'm too nervous about bars in Thailand...they're like a box of chocolates, as Forrest Gump said. You never know if you're going to get a dick in one of them.


Forest Gump said that? Are you sure?


I think Forrest Gump said it...maybe a deleted scene.

Or it could have been another movie entirely. Some 'art' film.


I really like the idea of angled handles in the newest prototype (Chris has posted a couple of pics of that one over the last couple of weeks). Should make it much easier to keep the upper back tight, at least compare to the cheapo trap bar I'm using right now.

Based on what's been mentioned in the spill the trap bar (still can't get used to calling it the dead-squat bar...) is coming VERY soon.


The trap bar you see in the videos was an early custom prototype. This pic shows the newest one: The Dead-Squat Bar.

And yes, TNation will likely be selling this sometime this year.


That does look sweet.

Any idea on a price?


No price yet, sorry.


I'm sure it's one of those "if you have to ask..." prices

They might discount for orders of more than two, though.


Ya, I was afraid of that. Maybe a discount for higher level users :slightly_smiling: ??

I'm looking to equip a home gym over the summer and this would be a nice addition, if it's priced right.


Strong, tough, sturdy and distinct. Just like I like my toys.