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CT's Super Beast Routine

Hi all,

Im interested in comments from people that tried this routine, how much you improve on it?, in terms of pounds, and general comments on any changes to the template.
My goal is to improve my maximal strength on lifts that will impact my Oly lifts,like front squat, military pres/push press, deadlift, as well as improve my work capacity, I been think about using this template, just not sure how to implement the Olifts into the weekly schedule and the rigth type of maintenance volume so not to burn out.

Any help from my t-mag friends are welcome

Thanks for your time

Link to program?

Here you go worker,

I was hoping that someone would reply with experience on doing this routine.

If any one has an idea on how I can modified thi sroutine for my goals, please, just let m eknow what you think. Im at the planning stage at the moment, any ideas are welcome.

[quote]worker wrote:
Link to program?[/quote]

I am not sure how to mod “Super beast” for OLY lifting, but there is an example of deadlift/power clean centered program in the artical. If you really want to know how to use Isometrics and the other methods described in the artical check out the Continuim method articals, and one of CT’s rapid fire articals. You could also ask CT in his locker room.

Good luck

Just IMO, seems like a lot of work while trying to increase your numbers in the oly lifts.