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CT's Shoulders Overhaul

I’ve been looking for samples of shoulder specialization programs and I came across CT’s Shoulders Overhaul. http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/shoulders_overhaul

The article is quite old (2004) and I’m wondering if this is still considered a goood program.
I’m asking mainly because I see exercises like the Snatch Grip BTN Press and Ahrens Press.

CT writes “I know the behind the neck press has received a lot of bad press recently and I must admit that I don’t like it either. However, I find the snatch grip (very wide grip) press to be safe and very effective at building huge deltoids! I used it myself extensively to solidify my receiving position in the snatch and really noticed a huge improvement in shoulder development from doing this exercise alone!”

So he clearly states that with a snatch grip it is much easier on the shoulders but I’m curious to know what people (and CT himself) think about this today?

I was hoping to ask CT himself but I see that TNation no longer has the author’s section like it used to.

Christian Thibaudeau answers questions in the livespill every day.
Go to the home page and look to the left hand side where it says Indigo-3G / Program Support .

He generally doesn’t like talking about his old methods too much as he is always looking for new ways of doing things and believes them to be superior.
For a while he was doing a lot of push presses rather then military as he believes they are far better but now he rarely ever does those either.
The only direct shoulder work he does now is snatch grip high pulls.

Thanks for the reply. I just went to that live spill page but there doesn’t seem to be any box for me to type in. Do I need a certain amount of posts before I can go there or am I missing something?

Old school CT routines were so sick.

I personally hate it when coaches, bodybuilders and even normal folk on here throw out ‘old methods’ and basically treat them like the bastard son.

They may no longer work for them, but they will work for someone and the thing is suggesting one thing over another is just pretty bad advice when you consider that it took them going through those other ‘lesser’ exercises to get to the point they are now.

Not hating on CT because he’s like Jesus to me but don’t avoid doing this program just because he doesn’t advocate his older stuff anymore.

Even he would be the first to admit it’s not useless but his job revolves around showing people new things and ways of doing said things.

I have no problem with the propram itself, its just the btn snatch grip press I’m curious about. A lot of bodybuilders used to praise the btn shoulder press and pull-up, but today you’d be lucky to find any article that doesn’t tell you NOT to do it.

I’m just wondering if the snatch grip press is actually much safer. I see it being done by so many olympic lifters and of course Klokov (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLPxwuGUZBY).
I used to work at a gym a few years ago and the more popular of the PTs there was a former SA champ and he made every bb client of his do the btn press. His guys had the most insane delts I’d ever seen in person.

So I’m its a great exercise for overall shoulder development. I just don’t want to snap my chit up. I’ll just get them a go, start out light and see how it feels.

TBH in my experience any/all shoulder exercises can be harmful, if done the wrong way. I believe the key to doing them the ‘right way’ with regards to shoulder health is scapular retraction. Maintain a ‘proud chest’.

I’m a big fan of the Klokov Press, too.

Yup, stupid that he rips on his old stuff. OVT for example is a classic and seems a lot more well rounded than most of the compound-only stuff he’s pushing at the moment.

Probably an obvious point, but everyone here should see the obvious advantage to not wanting to discuss old routines. It assures a continued state of dependency on the “guru.”

With behind the neck pressing, it being bad or good will depend on you. If you have shoulder imbalances going into it movements like that can make them worse leading to injury. If you can do the movement without pain and a full ROM and don’t try to break the behind the neck snatch grip press world record then you’ll probably be ok.

From my experience, as long as your shoulders are healthy and you go to your upper trapezius and have scapula retraction then it won’t cause any issues. I wouldn’t do them with other very stressful stuff for the shoulders though. (very low bar squatting, rack lockouts, ect)