CT's Program & Intervals

Would it be over-training if I was to do CT’s Get Strong, Get Fast, Get Vertical, and do intervals as well. I plan to change up the schedule a little bit. Instead of M,T,Th,F, I’ll train Tu,Th,Sat,Sun. I’ll do CT’s in the morning, then run on tuesdays and sundays(I have bball on sunday so I could count that as my running or get out on the track after the game). Would this be good to do or not? My first priority is to get stronger for my athleticism, but I’d also like to lose some fat too. I’m about 180 and I’d like to get down to about 165 right now. I’m going for that really strong at a really light weight type thing.

I don’t think anyone can really tell you what would be over training for you. The work load someone can complete, and the time it takes to recover from that work load is highly individual. certain factors like genetics, diet, and how long you have been training for all effect how much you can do without over training.

I would say start CT’s program while doing intervals. If you feel like you can’t complete that much work, or start to feel yourself burning out simply drop the intervals from you workout. With what you said you would be training a lot, but depending on all those factors its possible to do it.